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Updated September 08, 2003

Q.  Are there any official Rob Rock videos or Live concerts available?

A. ROB ROCK have two (2) official promotional music videos, One is for the song "Shed your Blood" from the Impellitteri's "Eye of the Hurricane" CD.  "Shed your Blood" have two versions.   Secondly, the Rob Rock's Rage of Creation promotional video called "Live" Warm-Up Gig in Germany on December 9, 2000. 

Q.  Are there other live concerts/tv guesting known to be on video?

A.  Yes, we actually knew that the following exists:

1.  Impellitteri Live (From the Rob Rock files) - Awesome collection of Rob Rock shots captured in video.  Not available in any video trading circles.

2.  Impellitteri's various live Japanese concert footage from 1995,1996, 1998 (with Rob Rock) as well as acoustic performances from several Japanese T.V. Shows ( Bang Up Rock, and Mutomo World).  Available in video trading circles.

3.  Chris and Rob in the band "Vice" from 1985-- at least 2 nights worth of shows known to exist.----- BEYOND RARE!

4.  Ozzy Osbourne benefit tribute show (at the Cat Club) with Chris Impellitteri and Rob Rock (1990) featuring short performance by Impellitteri- this video known to exist but never seen.----MEGA ULTRA ULTRA BEYOND RARE!

Q.  Are there any Rob Rock unreleased songs/demos, promotional materials or bootlegs which might still be available?

A. Yes, we have found the following materials, to wit:

1.  A 3-song studio demo from the band "Vice" recorded in 1985 which featured Chris Impellitteri and Rob Rock. This was circulated around New England and approx. 200 copies were known to have been made. The real tapes even include a B&W band photo on the cassette jacket.

2.  Impellitteri's "Live! Fast! Loud!" CD - features the best of the 1995 and 1996 live shows.

3.  The Bootleg live album (2CDR) Impellitteri's "Hurricane in the East" - Live at Tokyo, Japan 7. 13. 1998.  Total 93:28

4.  Bootleg live album (2CDR) Impellitteri's "In God We Trust" - Live at W'ohol Osaka, Japan 2. 23. 1995.  Total 98:04

5.  The track "Eagle" in acoustic version (made available exclusively in the "Rob Rock Ballads" cd).

6.  "Cyberflesh" has two (2) versions.  The version found in the "Very Best of Impellitteri-Faster than the speed of light" CD differs in the intro of the unreleased version.

7.  A 2-song promotional yellow-color tape which featured the tracks "Forever" and "Judgment Day."

8.  Massacre Records excerpts from the "Rage of Creation" album - an excellent promotional cd where you could hear Rob Rock giving his thoughts to each track.

9.  "Rob Rock Ballads" CD - which was made available for a limited period only in the Official Rob Rock website.

Q. Have Rob Rock ever done any guest appearances on other CDs?

A. Rob Rock has appeared on:

1.  Randy Rhoads Tribute - Various Artists

2.  Avantasia I and II - Tobias Sammet with Various Artists

3.  Edguy "Mandrake" 

4.  Petra "Unseen Power" * 

5.  Powergod "Bleed For The Gods - That´s Metal , Lesson I"

6.  Ricky Renstrom

Q.  Are there any Rob Rock songs which appeared on other CDs?

A. Yes.  There are compilation cds which features Rob Rock songs taken from the "Rage of Creation" album:

1.  "Hard Rock & Metal Hammer - Off Road Tracks Vol. 38" cd which include the track "Streets of Madness"

2.  "The Metal Merchant - Cheap, Hard & Heavy Vol. 11" cd which include the track "In the Night"

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