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The new album "EYES OF ETERNITY"
Produced, arranged, and mixed by Roy Z
Executive Producers: Rob Rock and Roy Z
INSTORE June 23rd 2003

Mixed at American Recording Company, California by Roy Z
Mix assisted by Bill Cooper

Mastered at Famous Kitchen by Andy Horn, Adelsheim, Germany

Recorded at: Mountain View Studios, CA - Engineered by Roy Z
American Recording Company, CA - Roy Z, Bill Cooper and Ritchie Polodor
Red Room Studio, Apopka, FL - Engineered by Sean Shannon
Rock Rimmon Studio, Ormond Beach, FL - Rob Rock
Platinum Studios, Phoenix, Arizona - Sean White

Drum editing by Rich Carrette and Roy Z
Drum Technician - Garner Knutson

Album Cover Created By Marc Sasso (Dio)


Rob Rock – Lead and Backing Vocals
Roy Z – Guitars, Bass Guitar
Reynold “Butch” Carlson – Drums
Ray Burke – Bass Guitar
Mistheria - Keyboards
Rick Renstrom – Guitar
Bob Rossi – Guitar
Stephen Elder – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Tracy Shell – Drums


01) Bridge to Infinity*
02) Rock the Earth
03) Conquerors Hymn
04) Stranglehold
05) Fields of Fire
06) You Know
07) Eyes of Eternity
08) The Everlasting
09) Rage of Creation
10) The Hour of Dawn
11) Children of the Wasteland*
12) Beautiful Lady**

*Japan Bonus Tracks
**Massacre Records Limited Digipak Edition Bonus Track

All songs were written by Rob Rock (BMI) and Roy Z. (ASCAP)
2003 Rob Rock Publishing copyright control and 2003 Rumba Zealous Inc. copyright

GUEST APPEARANCES on the epic 12 minute song “The Hour of Dawn” include classic guitar solos from:
Roy Z (Halford, Tribe of Gypsies), Gus G. (Dream Evil, Firewind), Tom Naumann (Primal Fear),
Carl Johan Grimmark (Narnia), Rick Renstrom (Rage of Creation), Jeff Kollman (Glenn Hughes),
Jack Frost (Seven Witches), Howie Simon (Tamplin, Jeff Scott Soto), Jimi Bell (Wayne's Metal Church), and Axel Rudi Pell.

“The Hour of Dawn” also includes keyboard solos from Mistheria and Alex Argento.
"Rock The Earth" includes additional backing vocals by Sean Peck (Cage).

**Check out the latest Rob Rock interview (prior to the release of the new cd) at

Rob Rock - Eyes of Eternity
By Metal From The Rock


Well, well, what do we have here?  A great album!  Can anyone say awesome?  With this release, who couldn't?  Rob Rock has really out-done himself this time!  The songwriting is top-notch and there is good rockin to be had by all!

It would seem that these guys are living up to their reputation as hot players!  After several listens, this album gets better and better and the hooks begin to attach their tentacles to your ears.  This album rocks and keeps on rocking.  The melodic power sound of Rob Rock and the guitar sounds are full, hot and heavy!  Rob Rock has once again, lived up to his name!

Every song on here is brilliant, so I'll comment on some of my favorite tracks in this CD:

It starts off with the fast rockin' "Rock The Earth," an excellent rocker that would make a powerful concert opener.  The band comes together and really shines in "Stranglehold," a heavy rocker with a powerful tune.  "Rage Of Creation" is one of the tallest standout cuts, with its melodic guitar blast which gives the screaming voice of Rob Rock the support it deserve.  If there was only one song to pick as the hit, it would have to be "Eyes Of Eternity," which has the best melodic tune and the best vocal tones on the album.  "Fields Of Fire" rocks with authority (man, i love this song!), the chorus and the hard melodic tune a la the song "Eagle" from the first Rob Rock album.  "The Everlasting" is a hot tune and full of passion . . . this song gives a lot of hope and the lyrics would surely give you an idea on Rob's conviction about faith.

Another extraordinary element to this release is the track "The Hour Of Dawn" which features some of the world's top power metal guitarists in the heavy metal scene.

What more can I say?  Go get this one and feast!

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