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Foo Fighters

In 1997 Foo Fighters released The Colour And The Shape which was probably one the best rock CDs I have ever lisetned to.Two years and two guitarists later they have released There Is Nothing Left To Lose.TINLTL is a good album but it seems to remind me of there first CD too much.

"Headwires","Gimme Stitches", and "Stacked Actors" are hard rock and doesn't seem to grip as much as there hard rockin "MonkeyWrench" and fizzle too quickly.But kudos to them for mixing it in with great slow songs like "Next Year" and "Ain't It The Life" which both are great Foo songs.

Artistically the Foos have matured more through all the crap that has happened and prove that they will survive without there old drummer and old guitarists but that's mostly because they have kept the same lead singer.They also never seem to have a lackluster music video,"Learn To Fly" is a great video about people on a plane that get high unintentionally by drinking coffe laced with drugs.May the Foos fight on.