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Final Destination

In the case of the teen-horror film genre,there are your predictable,campy chesse whiz films like I Still Know What You Did Last Summer,Urban Legends,All sequels of Chucky,Friday the 13th and Nightmare On Elm Street.Then there are the horror films you can't forget like Scream,Psycho,Exorcist and now there's Final Destanation,Not to say the film is a classic because it's far from it.But it uses different ways of scaring you than the regular repetitve jump-out-from nowhere type stuff that all too often seen.

In Final Destination a teen is haunted by being able to see deaths before they happen.Therefore,he must find a way to stop the deaths before they happen.Devon Sawa gives a decent preformance as the troubled boy who sees the deaths.But the other characters in the flim,although they give an average preformance,are all compeletely stereotyped.You have the flirt,jock,bully.But luckily the script helps out by not focusing on the stale characters,it goes straight to the deaths.

The death are very well choreographed and done.They keep you in suspense for a rather long time.In fact,there is only one death that lasts less than a minute or two and it comes completely out of nowhere,but I won't give it away.

As said before,this movie is not a classic and won't grab all the critic's attention.But with word-of-mouth this movie could become a great sleeper.