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Britney Spears

Well it has been anticipated for a while and has broken records left and right.Well did Britney deserve it? Not really.Is it better than her last album? Yes.Are there better albums out there? I don't even think that question needs to be answered.

To say Britney has come a long way isn't true.Alot of her songs are Xeroxes of her other hits (Oops..I Did It Again.Is there anyone else who doesn't notice it sounds like ...Baby One More Time?)She has improved on her vocal abilities and sounds more listenable.The album also cuts back on the slow songs which have always been a weak point for Britney and sticks closer to fast, more dancable songs.

The album is obviously packed full of bubblegum pop that is always expected from Britney.She remakes the Rolling Stone's classic "Satisfaction" which takes all the rock out of it and packs in the dance beat which makes it a fairly listenable song as such others like "Stronger","Can't Make You Love Me" and "One Kiss From You".

The album struggles terribly with songs like "DOn't Go Knockin On My Door" and "Lucky" because they just are to cliched and sick to the same old Britney format that has been to overused.And songs like "Girl In The Mirror" and "Dear Diary" are just too uninteresting and Britney's voice isn't meant to carry these types of songs.

Britney's niche is to sing fast sings that require less of her voice and rely more on the dancibilty of the song.