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Pearl Har-bore (Well sort of)

When I first viewed the preview of "Pearl Harbor" a few months ago it made it look inspiring and possibly an Oscar-worthy movie which would be a first for director Michael Bay (Director of the classic "Armageddon") and blow-the crap-out of -everything producer Jerry Bruckheimer (whose movies all had a sense of cheesiness that I've always enjoyed.)

But "Pearl Harbor" is not as enjoyable as Bruckheimer flicks like "The Rock","Con Air" or "Enemy Of The State" because of the fact that survivors of Pearl Harbor deserve more than what this movie was made to be. Instead of a completely gripping movie like "Saving Private Ryan", screenwriter Randall Wallace (Writer of so much better movies like "Man In The Iron Mask" and co-writer of "Braveheart") wants to combine "Titanic" with "Saving Private Ryan" but it doesn't balance out and ends up trying to correct all its mistakes with special effects.

Preformance-wise Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett try thier best to make something out of this overly long drawn-out love story but can't.Even a great Oscar-winning actor like Cuba Gooding Jr. couldn't help that he had an interesting character but he's given a total of seven minutes on screen and has the character depth of a kiddy-pool.Jon Voight tries to play F.D.R. well but struggles under 30 pounds of makeup that doesn't remotely look real on him. As for Alec Baldwin as Doolittle all his basic purporse is is to spew out inspirational one-liners and waste at least 20 minutes doing so.

To sum it all up, "Pearl Harbor" is a $140 million dollar motion picture that runs a little over 3 hours long but with all the fat trimmed could've ran 2 hours 15 minutes max. It has done the impossible which is turn one of the greatest American tragedies into a chick flick and try to market it like the next "Saivng Private Ryan". If there is ever to be another Pearl Harbor film they should forget the fact that they need enough money to cover the budget and go for the R rating. Also, they should just kill any major love story in it because,let's face it,after "Titanic" you're just beating a dead horse. Finally, they should keep the special effects the way they are because hat was one redeemable quality about this film. But, inthe end, you shouldn't bother wasting your time on this movie if you don't have a date just go to your local video store and pick up "Saving Private Ryan" a truly great war film.