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Best & Worst of 2000-Music

Best Album of:

U2 has had there share of flops like the completely commercial "Pop" and "Zooropa".But now U2 has returned to thier "Joshua Tree" roots and have come up with one of the most masterful works of 2000.It finally gives a breath of fresh air from the depressed Limp Bizkit/Korn sound with hopeful songs like "Beautiful Day" and "Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of".Call them old,call them too old-fashioned but don't ever say that they aren't talented.

Other runners Up:

2.Everlast "Eat At Whitey's"

3.Barenaked Ladies "Maroon"

4.Outkast "Stankonia"

5.Radiohead "Kid A"

6.Green Day "Warning"

7.Eminem "Mashall Mathers LP"

Best Song Of The Year:

"Crazy For This Girl" by Evan & Jaron

If these two twins are not the next big thing a become one hit wonder then I will be very surprised.They show that they play thier own instruments and have conducted a great song that is filled with emotion but doesn't boil over (ala 98 Degrees,Backstreet Boys).It is the most fascinating (and almost chilling) songs of 2000.

Best Ballad:

Tie: "This I Promise You" by *nsync and "Incomplete" by Sisqo

Are both songs borderline cheesy? Yes. Do I enjoy either one of the acts? No. But are these songs extremely heartfelt? Yes. Both songs have impressed me seriously and they may be the last two great pop songs by the teenage age crooners and the Dru Hill vet.

Best Rap Song:

"B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad)" By Outkast

From the greatest rap group that may ever rock the mics comes one of the coolest and pumped up songs since DmX's "What's My Name".Laced with a Santana-like guitar solo,a gospel choir and a phat techno beat.Basically it's a butt whooping of a song that you can't help but ask for another hit.

Best Rock Song:

"With Arms Wide Open" By Creed

Sure by now this is overplayed completely and everyone (including me) is entirely too sick of this song.But long before this song became a hit I loved it.It sends a chill up and down your spine about the almost euphoric feeling you feel when your child is born and also combines the message you want your child to understand as they grow.Now that's something you don't come around everyday.

Best Secret Song:

"All Those great Blink 182 one liners" Blink 182

Yes all of those tracks after "Man Overboard" become very crude and profane and not to mention old but I'll admit that some of those are hilarious.And once you see the worst secret songs then you'll see why this is the best.

Worst in Music 2000