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The Top Chicks

Christina Aguilera is the absolute hottest out of all the chicks on this site.Not only is she abnormally hot she also has an excellent voice that's a mixture of Whitney Houston and Monica.

Amazingly hot and underrated is Dawson's Creek's own Katie Holmes.She's a great actress who you might remeber from "Go" or "Disturbing (this Movie sucks The Big One)Behavior".She is very hot and deserves more recognition.

Obviously you can't have hot chicks list without Britney "I have fake boobs but they still look nice" Spears.OK I'll admit she doesn't have the voice of a diva but that doesn't mean she's not hot.But she really should come out and say her boobs are fake.But then again...

Yet another underrated but scorchingly hot actress.She made her name from the John Hughes wannabe film "She's All That".Rachel Leigh Cook should be getting better parts in movies now and also appears on "Dawson's Creek" alot too.She's alsothe chick who smashes things on the "This you brain on drugs" commercial.

I bet she shags like a minx....too bad I'll never find out.Anyways Heather Graham is famously known as Felicity Shagwell or the oh so hot Rollergirl.She is a great actress and is finally getting the respect she deserves....being chased by hormone crazed teens who have too much time on thier hands.