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Smash Mouth

Smash was once thought to be a one hit wonder group when "Walking On The Sun" was getting old and overplayed.But two years after the release of their first album,"Fush Yu Mang",they have a #1 song "All Star" and have releaseda new song,"Then The Morning Comes".Proving that they are not done yet.

The CD also proves that they have more talent than your average Hanson.They keep an 80's type sound throughout the whole CD and it doesn't sound that bad.The CD starts out with a great song "Who's There" about aliens and the abnormal.Then it moves at s good pace with "Diggin Your Scene" and "I Just Wanna See".The CD takes a turn with the slow song "Waste" about letting love go to waste.The strange thing is that "Waste" is a song that you wouldn't expect come from Smash Mouth,I didn't think they could actually write a love song but they can and are pretty godd at it.

Alot of the songs resemble a "Why Can't We Be Friends?" like "Who's There" or "I Just Wanna See.The group experiments with reggae ("Road Man") and another 80's cover song (CANT HARDLY WAIT'S "Can't Get Enough Of You Baby").They obviously love to make catchy and playful songs that could be played at a party.

The group also seems to be maturing at the same time as said before.They seem to want to be more revengefulbut at the same time more caring too.They should be a band that will outlive most people's expectations.