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The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense is not your ordinary scary movie.It not only gives the best spin on the "Scary Ghosts" genre it also gives you a great feeling for all of the characters.The script is very scary and well thought out.

The acting is a big plus too.Bruce Willis plays his character very well and doesn't even has to blow something up or shoot a gun in the movie.Donnie Wahlberg (from New Kids On The Block fame) plays the weird,messed up former patient of Bruce Willis.But the main attraction is Haley Joel Osmont who,without a doubt,deserves an Oscar for his preformance as the child who sees dead people.He really gives his character pure emotions when he gets scared or when he's sad or happy.Haley's part couldn't have been pulled off by any other child actor I have ever seen.

The movie's scares are more though out and are much better delivered than the scares in SCREAM and I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER.The scares are more based on the fear of Haley or the gruesome looks of the ghosts.The script pulls off everything it tries to achieve and with great succession.The ending is the most creative ending I have ever seen in my life.