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Hey you people! Thanks for taking the time to stop by my website. I decided that after a few months of not editing this site, I would update it. For those unlucky people out there that don't know me, lemme introduce myself. My name is David, I'm 21, a junior at the best school in the world, Jackson College of Ministries, in Jackson, Mississippi. I am in the best major, missions, unlike all you theology losers. MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Anyway...School tends to keep me pretty busy. Combine that with about 32 hours of work each week, and I'm as busy as two rats jogging in a wool sock. I work at the NorthPark Mall, which happens to be the biggest shopping mall in Mississippi, as a security officer. For the most part it's a good job.

The picture above is me with my fiancee, a wonderful lady by the name of Julie, from Brookhaven, Mississppi. She and I met on December 31st of last year at the holiday youth convention at First Pentecostal Church in Jackson. Right when we first met I saw that she was unlike anybody I'd ever met. Over the next couple of weeks as I got to know her better, she totally and completely stole my heart. We'll be getting married on June 18, 2005. She and I are very very happy together, and looking forward to a long, happy, and blessed life together. More pictures

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