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Teen Sex

Many teens today are sexually active. Many teens aren't. It all depends on individual choice. Unfortunately though, teens who are sexually active have some very harsh realities to deal with. Sex is dangerous, not just because of sexually transmitted disease that can be embarrasing and uncomfortable but because of AIDS. Sex can kill you and thats a fact many teens today don't want to deal with. Pregnancy is no longer the only thing to fear from engaging in unprotected sex.

Teen Sexuality Facts:

infants born to teen moms are more likely to have health problems

teen pregnancy is more likely if the teens parents a. didn't finish highschool b.were teen parents themselves c. low income

only 49.5% of pregnant teens graduate from highschool

black students are more likely to have had sex(72%) than white students(52%) or hispanic students(53%)

27% of male teens and 12% of female teens report four or more sexual partners, of those teens only 41% reported using condemns at last sexual contact

one of every eight teens are infected with a sexually transmitted disease

of teens who were receiving routine health care at the Cleveland Free Clinic, 86% were sexually active

the average age of first intercourse is 15.7 years for boys and 16.2 years for girls

Students who have had intercourse in highschool:
40% of ninth graders
47% of tenth graders
57% of eleventh graders
72% of twelvth graders

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