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Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness and Health does not necessarily have to mean running 5 miles a day and eating yogurt for breakfast lunch and dinner. Fitness can actually be fun! For example, walk to the library and back with a couple of friends, or sign up for a trial aerobic class before jumping right in and buying a membership. In order for more teens to be more physically fit, each one has to examine what kind of commitment they want to have towards improving their state of health. Everyone is different. The following quiz might help you see where you stand on physical fitness and maybe alert you to some things you might want to improve.

Definitions: aerobic exercise: excercise for your heart or lungs; aka cardiovascular

anaerobic: exercise that improves your muscle tone, shape and strength

Health and Fitness Quiz
1. How many days in the past week did you exercise?
a. none
b. 1-2
c. 3-5
d. 6-7

2. What do you do to exercise?
a. lift weights
b. ride your bike, jog, or swim
c. both
d. other

3. How long do you exercise for?
a. 10-15 min.
b. 15-30 min.
c. 30-45min.
d. 45+

4. How important do you think physical fitness is to your life?
a. not important
b. sort of important
c. important
d. very important

5. What types of diet do you follow?
a. I don't, I eat what I want
b. Sometimes I pay attention, sometimes i don't
c. I eat a pretty balenced diet
d. I'm always trying to lose weight and watch what I eat

6. When you crave a quick snack what do you reach for?
a. Anything I can get my hands on
b. Fruits or vegetables
c. Something salty or sweet
d. I never snack

7. What types of activities do you do with your friends?
a. Party, party, party! (drugs and alcohol are involved)
b. Something active (i.e., dancing, volleyball)
c. Chill out with the T.V and cool music
d. Go for a walk

8. When do you smoke?
a. every day
b. a couple times a week
c. a few times a month
d. never

9. When do you drink?
a. every day
b. on the weekends
c. a few times a year
d. never

10. How do you see yourself?
a. unhealthy
b. sometimes healthy
c. usually healthy
d. always healthy

To find the answers for the quiz and judge how your scores add up access the quiz answers link on the home page!


Here is a chart which will tell you how many calories you burn per hour doing various activities. The activities with an asterisk are followed by the number of calories burned per mile. Remember, these figures may vary based on gender, age, metabolism , and weight. If you are trying to lose weight, it is suggested that you limit your daily food intake rather than trying to burn off the calories by exercising extensively. An exercise program that burns 500 caloris per day is considered strenuous for the average person, so burning any more than that would be considered unwise.

Aerobic dance:600
Horseback Riding:200-600
Ice Hockey:930
Cross-country skiing*:100
Downhill Skiing:600
Field Hockey:550
Weight Lifting:500

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