Zebra Lounge

STARS: Kristy Swanson, Stephen Baldwin, Brandy Ledford, Cameron Daddo
YEAR: 2001
DIRECTOR: Kari Skogland
CATEGORY: Thriller

Summary: *from Video Box*

Alan and Wendy (Daddo and Ledford)  Baret are a normal everyday couple whose outwardly perfect marriage has one problem - they are bored with each other in bed.   Self help books, counseling, and even sex-shop toys aren't working.  An ad placed in a swingers magazine leads them to Zebra Lounge and a couple of experienced swingers - Louise and Jack Bauer (Swanson and Baldwin) who definitely walk on the wilder side of life.

What begins as an anonymous erotic rendezvous explodes into an electrifying experience that is beyond their wildest imagination.  The spark is back inthe Baret's marriage, but they agree - once is enough.  However, the Bauers disagree and they begin weaving a clever and diabolical web of intrusion and coercion, pulling Alan and Wendy deeper into their lives.  The Barets soon realize that they risk more than public exposure if they don't continue the sexual liaison.  Jack and Louise play a far deadlier game.

***Raye's Note: This is NOT one to watch with the kids in the room!  It's quite.... intimate... and what a great view of Stephen's body art! ;) ***

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