Table One

  • Director: Michael Scott Bregman
  • Stars: Stephen Baldwin (Jimmy) Luis Guzmán (Xavier) David Herman (Norman) Ezra Knight (Brock)Michael Rooker (Rowdy)Ben Shenkman (Scott) Burt Young (Frankie Chips) 
  • Year: Filmed in New York 1999

Four friends in New York City... they love to go to bars and meet women.. the problem... how do they score? Wht drives women wild?  It seems that only the crass hockey star can get a women... so they want to open their own club to bring in the chicks!  They go to Frankie Chips, a man with 'connections' to ask him for finance money.. the trouble begins when he buys into the club... will these four friends be able to hold onto their wallets as well as their club? Or will they have to give in when Frankie wants to make some SKIN-tilating changes?

Raye's Review:

            There is really only one STEPHEN as STEPHEN scene in this... when he's recounting a joke about a drunk man. THAT was fun... then there is a bit of comedic fun with Stephen's Character and Michael Rooker's character, Rowdy. *See the bunch of four where they are trying on each other's shades. It's playful and it's fun.. but the 'lead' actor, David Herman, SOOOO got on my nerves! I just wanted to reach through the screen and smack him. I really wish the film had 'challenged'  Stephen more as an actor, although I enjoyed the times he was in the film. If you look at the VIDEO COVER.. he's pictured... so. you think, since they talk about four friends in the summary you might guess that he's one of the business partners... NOPE.. he's the friend/muscle to a mob boss who puts up half the seed money. There is very little action in the film, sexual or violence wise, which works for the 'patter' kind of dialogue in the film... but by the end I was beginning to hate the name 'NORBADE'.... honestly!

From the New York Post (late February 2000)

EXPECT Michael Bregman's knockout comedy, "Table One," to be snapped up by a major distributor any day now. So far, the film has been shown only to Michael's New York friends, but industry spies have ways of getting into these screenings, and the buzz is enormous.

Michael wrote and directed this story of a group of young businessmen who want to start a trendy Manhattan club and unknowingly end up being backed by the Mafia. Burt Young stars as a mobster, with Stephen Baldwin (in his best performance since "The Usual Suspects") as his sidekick. Luiz Guzman is a standout as a gay bouncer.

If Michael's name sounds familiar, it should. He's the son of producer Martin Bregman ("Scarface," "Serpico," "Dog Day Afternoon," "The Bone Collector"), who co-produced this one with Bo Dietl.

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