Sub Down

  • STARS: Stephen Baldwin, Gabrielle Anwar (Scent of a Woman), Tom Conti (Shirley Valentine).
  • YEAR: 1997
  • CATEGORY: Suspense
Two scientists, Rick Postley (Stephen Baldwin), and Dr. Harry Rheinhardt (Tom Conti), are studying global warming by measuring the thickness of ice caps. Another scientist Laura Dyson (Gabrielle Anwar) is studying whales. The join the crew of a nuclear Navy submarine but are not made to feel very welcome. The sub collides with a Russian sub and falls to the ocean floor. Most of the Navy crew are killed or trapped so it is up to the scientists to use their skills to save the day. (summary by Ann)

Raye's Review

I had a lot of fun watching this film. Tom Conti has a quirky sense of comic timing that works really well with Stephen and Gabrielle Anwar has a fish out of water fit to this film. Stephen's character makes some interesting points about Economics/Military and it's fun to see Stephen get to be funny and seriously intelligent in the same film. So many times films try to play off of his comic side without allowing him to be 'smart'... thank goodness this film is different.

There's a lot of tension between the military crew and the scientists, and the ending mix seems a bit trite... but it's a great opportunity for Stephen's fans to see their fav guy in this great 'vehicle' for all of his talents...

Ann's Review

I know this is a fan site and my reviews are pretty biased and I praise most of Stephen's films but this is one of the two or three where I'm going to be candid here. I really wanted to like this film. I just love submarine movies like ‘The Hunt for Red October’, ‘Crimson Tide’ and ‘The Abyss’ but that is the problem. Next to these films, Sub Down looks like an amateurish, student film. First its good points:

1. Stephen
2. The kissing scene at the end
3. Tom Conti.
4. The environmental themes.
5. The shots of the surface ice from under the water.

Now, the bad:
1. The plot
2. Most of the acting
3. The direction
4. The script
5. Need I continue?

 There are some moments of suspense but really this film for die hard Stephen fans only.

NOTE: Linda Hamilton was originally cast in Gabrielle Anwar's roll but pulled out

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