Spiders Web

  • Released 2001
  • Cast:  
    Stephen Baldwin ....  Clay Harding
    Kari Wuhrer ....  Lauren Bishop
    rest of cast listed alphabetically
    Matt Borlenghi ....  Bob Smooth
    Tony Colitti ....  Det. Nick Perez
    George Lazenby ....  Leland De Winter
  • Rated R : for strong sexual content and language

Plot Summary:

Clay Harding, the bored son of an extremely well-to-do man is tired of waiting for his aging father to pass on or give him the power he craves. Along with a female executive with a serious attraction for power, Lauren Bishop, Clay allows her to set up a theft of millions of dollars for them to live on after they run away together.

The twist? Who do you trust? Can you trust your fellow thief, or will they turn on you as well?

Raye's Review:

While the premise is good, the middle of the film seemed to lose energy in its execution. Kari Wuhrer has a great quality as a woman driven to extreme in a 'man's world'.  Stephen Baldwin plays a character that reminded me of his character in Dead Awake. As Clay takes more of a drivers seat in the plot, his energy leve pics up and we get to see more of the actor we know and love. Remember, it is rated R.. so for those fans that can watch this film, it's got a number of 'spicy' scenes...so, get a cold drink and sit down to watch.

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