Silent Warnings

  • Joe Vossimer   …  STEPHEN BALDWIN  
    Layne Vossimer   …  A.J. BUCKLEY 
    Sheriff Bill Willingham   …  BILLY ZANE 
    Macy Reed   …  CALLIE De FABRY 
    Stephen Fox   …  DAVID O'DONNELL 
    Maurice Hall   …  RANSFORD DOHERTY 
    Iris Doyle   …  KIM ONASCH 
    Katrina Munro   …  MICHELLE BORTH 
    Local Yokel   …  MICHAEL ASH 
  • YEAR: Premired on SciFi Channel May 2003
  • CATEGORY: Science Fiction/Suspense

Stephen plays Joe Vossimer, a man who the town of Porterville thinks is off his rocker.  He's surrounded his farm house with an electric fence and made his own little bunker out of it. He's convinced that 'they're' trying to get him. You know what?  THEY ARE!

Joe meets his end early in the film, but returns via VIDEO in the later moments as his cousin, Layne, and Layne's friends realize that Joe knew more than they thought.

Raye's Review:

            Since Stephen had top billing in this I really expected him to... well, survive through the film..
*Spoiler Note* since it's revealed in the movie summary on the site... I do not consider Joe's demise a shocker. *end note* So, when he bit it at the beginning, I wasn't much interested in watching the rest, but you know I had a decent time watching the film. It was an interesting take on the Aliens and crop-circles.. something I hadn't heard before, that's always good. There are some good tie-ins to urban legends/superstition so I was interested in hearing them.  There are a few 'EW' worthy moments, and I continued wondering when Mulder and Scully were going to run in and investigate... I was also hoping that Billy Zane would have a larger part... he was great in Phantom and Twin Peaks, but he took a serious back seat in this film when it might have been interesting to have him pay a larger roll.

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