STARS: Stephen Baldwin, Peter Gallagher
YEAR: 2001
DIRECTOR: John Flynn
CATEGORY: Thriller

Blurb from the Box

New York Mobster, Sal Veronica, and his family have been placed in a new town with a new identity by the witness protection program after he agrees to testify against the mafia.  As the alias "Vincent" family, they move into a new house and look forward to a fresh start.  Sal befriends next door neighbor Ted Reed and soon the two go into business together. 

When their proposed bank loan is turned down, Sal resorts to his old ways and seeks some shady financial assistance - causing the mob to pick up on his trail.  An attempted 'hit' forces Sal to come clean about his crooked past to Ted.  Now he must not only trust his new friend with his secret, but rely on him to help him outsmart the mob and save his family.

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