New Eden

  • STARS: Stephen Baldwin, Lisa Bonet, Tobin Bell, Michael Bowen.
  • YEAR: 1994
  • MY RATING: 8 out of 10
  • CATEGORY: Science Fiction
  • DIRECTOR: Alan Metzge

Ann's Review:

In the year 2237 a group of prisoners from Earth 1 are dumped on a dry planet and left to fend for themselves. All but two of the prisoners are immediately killed by the ‘sand pirates’, a vicious group who survive by killing and plundering the other inhabitants. The two prisoners Kyne (Michael Bowen) and Adams (Stephen Baldwin) decide to go their separate ways. Kyne joins the sand pirates and Adams wanders off on his own. He runs into a lone man Ares (Tobin Bell) also from earth 1. He shackles Adams and sells him to the ‘scavs’ a group of people who survive by scavenging for food.

Lily (Lisa Bonet) buys him and soon realizes that he is a very talented engineer and they build a farm and fall in love. He says that by growing their own food they can build a new civilization, new Eden, and will no longer have to scavenge. Kyne, now head of the sand pirates, finds their farm and threatens them. Adams asks Ares to teach him how to fight but he cannot defeat the pirates on his own. Will the peaceful ‘scavs’ join Adams and Lily and fight for their ‘New Eden’ or will the sand pirates enslave them? This made-for-cable movie is surprisingly watchable. The acting, music, and desert locations are all really good. The editing and the fight sequences could have been improved but over all, it’s a pretty entertaining movie. Stephen gives one of his better performances here and he looks really cute too!

From Raye:  

I truly enjoyed watching this film... there were some moments where I was picking out the different pop culture ref. like Star Wars, Mad Max, MacGuyver... but it was very very fun to watch and I found the plot well thought out. I loved the scenes that 'Adams' had with 'Luke', very touching. Scenery was BEAUTIFUL and some of the scenes were just as perfect as a postcard. For any Stephen fan.. WATCH THIS FILM! 

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