Year: 1999
Stars: Ellen Barkin (The Big Easy), Peta Wilson (TV's La Femme Nikita), Julian Sands, (A Room with a View), Wendy Crawson, Stephen Baldwin
Director: Damian Harris

Brief Summary: Some is murdering women and it'll take the gritty determination of a female detective to get to the bottom of this sordid tale. They'll wade into the dangerous waters of S&M, child abuse, and deep seated depression as they struggle to stop the murderer from killing again.

Ann's Summary: Stephen has a cameo (about 1 minute of screen time) as a mechanic whom Ellen Barkin (a detective) picks up in a bar for a one night stand. The movie is dark but it's worth looking out for if you have HBO.

Raye's summary.... I kept hoping he'd come back in the film... oh well... it was still great to see Stephen in the film and my my.. he DOES look GREAT!

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