Last Exit to Brooklyn

  • STARS: Stephen Lang, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Burt Young, Peter Dobson, Jerry Orbach, Stephen Baldwin, Alexis Arquette, Ricki Lake.
  • YEAR: 1989
  • CATEGORY: Drama
  • DIRECTOR: Uli Edel

Ann's Review:

‘Last Exit to Brooklyn’ is one of those movies like ‘Taxi Driver’ that leaves you feeling all empty inside. The themes of meaninglessness, violence and indifference make you feel bad because you can see the truth in the movie. The characters are so real. Their pain is real and they have no hopes or dreams. You can somehow sense that they are aware that they’re doomed. Some of my favorites are Harry Black (Stephen Lang) a union organizer who is married but prefers sexual relations with transvestites. Tralala (Jennifer Jason Leigh). A prostitute who knows how to work it and can’t comprehend love and kindness.

Alexis Arquette is brilliant as Georgette, a gay man. He has many startling scenes. The most powerful is when he is lying on his bed crying and asks his mother "Why me?". Stephen Baldwin plays Sal, a nasty street thug who, along with his friends, mugs draftees that Tralala lures to a vacant lot. He and his friends cause a lot of destruction throughout the film. He really fits in well, I guess it’s because he is really from New York. The movie is very powerful and it stays with you for days afterwards. It is quite graphic and very bleak and definitely not suitable for the faint hearted. It has lots of style and the performances are A1.

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