Jury Duty: the Comedy

  • TITLE/s: Jury Duty: The Comedy (not to be confused with the Pauly Shore movie) or The Great American Sex Scandal
  • STARS: Madchen Amick (Twin Peaks, Central Park West), Stephen Baldwin, Mark Blankfield (Robin Hood: Men in Tights), Barbara Bosson (Hill Street Blues) , Ilene Graff, Jessie Jones, Bill Kirchenbauer (Airplane), Heather Locklear (Melrose Place), Bronson Pinchot (True Romance, Perfect Strangers), Danny Pintauro (Who’s the Boss?), Lynn Redgrave (Georgie Girl), Joshua Rifkind, William G. Schilling (Ruthless People), Tracy Scoggins (Dynasty), Alan Thicke (Growing Pains), Reginald Vel Johnson (Die Hard), Jacklyn Zeman (National Lampoon’s Class Reunion).
  • YEAR: 1989 
  • CATEGORY: Comedy 
  • DIRECTOR: Michael Schultz

Who is that handsome man in the mirror?

Is he cheating off her paper?

What is he looking at?

Ohhhh! That's right!

Ann's Review:

This made-for-TV movie has such a huge ensemble cast that it clutters the movie. The plot is simple. A mild-mannered accountant (Pinchot) is accused of embezzlement. A jury is chosen and it looks to be a pretty straightforward case until a sexy ‘secretary’ (Tracy Scoggins) testifies about their sexual exploits. The media becomes interested and the jury is sequestered. They are holed up together in a hotel and from there we are given insight into the jurors lives. They are all pretty cliched characters. The poor little rich girl, the old man who has given up on life, the hairbrained psychic, the crusading activist and the workaholic businessman. Bronson Pinchot plays four different characters in the movie which becomes rather annoying. The best part about ‘Jury Duty’ is the romance between Rita (Heather Locklear) and Eddie (Stephen Baldwin) who both have a little secret.

From Raye:

It has charm... and the short TV scenes are made for people that want to go grab a snack. "pause here"... it's like CLUE and HOTEL and NIGHT COURT all rolled in one. I liked some of the silly scenes... but you HAVE to hear Stephen's accent...  Bronson is all over the place literaly... and Stephen is a touch cookie with a soft spot for a woman in trouble... it was fun to watch.. although the video is REALLY hard to find!


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