• Stephen Baldwin ....  Scott Anderson
    Tom Skerritt ....  Tom Bradshaw
    Kelly Rowan ....  Ashley Pryor
    D.B. Sweeney ....  Jeremy O'Brien
    Suki Kaiser ....  Allison Jeffries
    Alan C. Peterson ....  Martin Case
    Marcos A. Ferraez ....  Simpson  
  • YEAR: 2001
  • CATEGORY: Action/Adventure/Drama


There's a bomber with an agenda. A strange mix of ecological worries and terrorism, this movie gives us a chance to see what the bomb unit of the ATF has to deal with on an average Hollywood day.  Kelly Rowan, who western fans will remember as Maddie on Lonesome Dove, the Outlaw Years, is a tight laced agent, and her mentor, played by Tom Skerrit plays the calm experienced agent keeping his younger chages under control.

It gets personal when Agent Pryor is almost killed in a blast and Anderson, Stephen Baldwin, is trying to understand why his former friend is the prime suspect in such cruel killings.  It all comes to a head when the bomber turns his sites on a meeting at a ski resort, where his killing spree may lose its focus and hurt innocent people. It's up to Scott Anderson and Agent Pryor to stop it before it happens.

Raye's Review:

            I have to admit that I believe DB Sweeny was very very miscast in this film. And this is not really a spoiler... cause it basically says it on the box... but he's not a vey convincing villain. Stephen is very laid back in this film for the most part. His demeanor is very much 'watch and see' and for my own tastes I was looking for a little more of the SBfire!  Toward the end, when they're trying to stop the last attack I was MUCH happier. Stephen's character is taking a much more active role in the film and kickin' a little butt.  

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