Comments from Stephen's fans:
I saw Stephen Baldwin on Greta Von Sustrands show on Thurs. 1-20-05. - Albdb
Wanted to encourage your for your public testimony. I know you get a lot resistance from Hollywood and the media, but then so did Jesus. Keep the faith and we’ll pray for your success. - Mark Ramsey
Dear Stephen,

Just watched you on Fox News @ one of the Inaugural Balls and I want to say
God Bless You and thank you for your positive attitude and beautiful, happy
spirit!  We are proud of you and God will do incredibly Great things through
you as He already has!!!!!    You haven't been a Christian very long but
always know that because He has began a good work in you, He will never
leave you and will always be faithful to you and will keep working through
you forever!    We are sooooo happy for you and your family!!!!

I said a little prayer of thanks for you Stephen and I will go see all of
your movies now!!!!!

Thanks again ......  (I'll pray for your brothers too.)

In Jesus name and God Bless America!!!

Jules and Duwana Schneider
Lincoln City, Oregon
I saw Stephen with Greta Van S. on Fox tonight.  He said one of the smartest, most sensible things I have heard in a long while.  When asked about President Bush and WMD's, he said that Sadam and his cohorts had more than enough time to get rid of them, therefore affirming the fact that there may have been such weapons.  Too many naysayers and anti-Bush people just want to think the President didn't tell the truth about WMD's.  Not enough people oout there use everyday common sense when it comes to war and politics.  Thank you Stephen for having a more clear sense about things.

Linda J. Stacy
Jacksonville, Florida
  I recently found out you were a new Christian! I just wanted to
encourage you. You are brave and courageous considering the industry you
are in. The Lord has chosen you for a reason. You have a big platform to
honor Him. Stay the course! He will honor you! Thanks for taking a stand
in these trying times. May God bless you and your family!

Having been retired from the Fire Service for a few years now with a disability (major hearing loss, also suffered a heart attack at age 44, but made it for 25 years), I really have enjoyed watching your movies and talent that you so grasiously have given to the world.

It is gratifying to me to have seen  your talent that you shared with the viewing public and the joy that you provided.  I know how important that is believe me. I do hope your health is strong and I want to thank you for the wonderful moments and memories that you have provided.

Thank you for bringing a smile and a warm heart to this retired fire guy out near Death Valley and please always be safe, always wear a smile, again thank you.


Gary J. Toll
           It was great to meet you today at church at The Fellowship Of The Woodlands.  I spoke to you about Mark (Red) Mitchell in the hallway with Randy.  Thanks again  for signing the piture at church today for me.
                                                                                               God Bless, Terry Willis
                SENSERLY JUVIE PENA
Dear Mr. Baldwin,
I just wanted to tell you that I admire you greatly.  I recently read a blurb about you in our local newspaper (The Virginian-Pilot) and it's the first time I heard that you are a born-again Christian.  My husband and I became born-again believers about two years ago.  We are both students right now, and even as non-famous people, we know how hard it can be to deal with friends and family who don't share our beliefs or faith.  It's not always easy to come out of the "born-again" closet, so to speak, and tell people about our own conversions.  I am always afraid my old friends will just think we're hypocrites or self-righteous, if I don't convey things in just the right way.  I find it fascinating that you have and are not afraid to speak about your new-found beliefs in public.  It's encouraging to finally see someone in the mainstream media, someone who is popular, admitting that they are born again and how this has changed their lives.  We admire you greatly and will pray for you, as you continue to your walk with the Lord and He continues to use you for His greater glory.
Elizabeth and Patrick Rowe
I was glad to  discover that you have decided to walk with Jesus Christ.  I met you briefly in September of 02  on a film I co- wrote called "Lost Treasure"  Everyone on the set was impressed by your warm presence and good attitude. I don't know if you were converted at that time but you sure must have been well on your way.   I'm proud of your strong commitment and I'll be praying for your continued ministry.  God Bless and keep you always..
William Langlois Monroe
Yo!  This is Abel Jankowitz all the way from Windhoek, Namibia.  I just think it’s awesome the way God’s been living in Stephen’s life.  Him and his family has been a real testimony to us all!  I’ve been checking out TBN’s Ron Luce – ATFtv – his testimony of faith towards that crowd of young people in the RCA Dome Indianapolis on the 2nd and 3rd of April this year… way to go Stephen!  Just show’s you that there’s still hope for Hollywood!  To you and Mel Gibson and all the other actors and actresses that’s not ashamed to come forward and proclaim God’s truth in their life – God Bless and right on!  Keep the Faith!


Dear Stephen; Just a word to say thanks for your strong testimony of faith
on National TV. I was never so proud of anyone in all my life. I am the
minister of a mega-church in Fresno California. I really am writing just to encourage you to keep on keepin' on. You did more good and spoke more truth in 10 minutes than Hollywood has done in 100 years. God bless and keep Stephen Baldwin..
   Yours and His, Dean Rutherford
Dear Mr. Baldwin,

I was so happy to see that you have given your life to Christ.  I was lost for many years, but was saved by the grace of our Lord.  It is so refreshing to see someone in the entertainment field who is so full of witness to a lost world. Many of my friends are lost; I continue to pray for them and this nation daily.  I suspect that Hollywood contains more conservatives
that the liberal meat-headed media would like to admit.  I see a growing trend to many in entertainment showing their faith in their private and professional lives.  I love your work and hope that you win many to the Lord!!! I know he has great plans for you!!! Rock on my man and God bless you!!!

Jeff Farrar
Principal, LaSalle High School
Dear Stephen,   
       I pray to God that your on fire spirit for the Lord will rub off on, most importantly, your brothers and any other family members, but also hollywood.  Now that would be a miracle, right!  Thank God for your lovely wife that she let her heart be softened and reseptive to the Holy Spirit and thank God for her relentless prayers.  Stephen Baldwin, God Bless you. Judy Fritz
I heard that you have become a Christian, well I just wanted to say that I
am praying for you... God bless
-Amy Gibbons
Dear Stephen,
Hope this e-mail reaches you.
Your my new HERO.  To speak up for President Bush against your Family and Hollywood takes guts!
I am not a born again Christian like you but an Atheist  and a Republican. 
Republicans believe in values, morals and integrity and we come in all faiths, but fight in the same cause to get our President re-elected.
Thank You again Stephen, you are a brave soul.
I will leave you with this quote from Winston Churchill.
" If you are not a liberal when your 20 you have no heart.
  If you are not a conservative by 40 you have no brains"
Sherrie L. Martin
Spokane Wa.
I was wondering if there was a web site where fans can post their feelingsfor Stephen.  I am a new fan of his and would like to let the world know,what a brave, wonderful man he his.  To go up against the Hollywood crowd and his own family regarding his political and spiritual beliefs,proves he is courageous and convicted.  I hope many more blessing
continue to come his way, God Bless Stephen!
JoAnn Lynch
I saw you on MSNBC 11/01/04. Keep on truckin brother!!!!! You will make a difference.

I heard yesterday what Alec Baldwin said he told Stephen about being
involved in politics and I wanted to tell Stephen Baldwin that God would
take care of him.  I am so very proud of this young man for standing up for
what is right when all of Hollywood says or should I say screams the
opposite.  He must have much courage to be so bold and I have no doubt that
he has favor with our God.

God will bless you much, Mr. Stephen Baldwin.  Thank you for being an
inspiration to so many.

Vicki Brose
Tulsa, OK
Hi Stephen!
Wow!! I liked your interview last night with Larry King. Thank you so much for sharing your Christian Faith Stephen. WOW! I am interested in what you spoke about with "Living It".
God Bless.
Mike Lyon
Dear Stephen,
Good to hear your testimony -  during the interview (MSNBC?)  at the Republican convention the other night -about how you choose who you will vote for.  I agreed with what you said and how you said it. My sister and niece had just taken a picture with you at the KICKSTART event at our church - El Dorado Park on the Saturday before and had commented what a nice manner you had when you came out of the booth to take a picture with them  So your testimony is not just words..but actions too!
God bless you
Marty Monserat
Thank you for your boldness. My family will support you in whatever endeavor you undertake! Carol Holmes
Kudos to Stephen for taking a stand and having the guts and  integrity to attend the RNC! I had no respect for anything Baldwin, having associated all the brothers with the arrogance of his brother Alec. I was wrong.
God Bless you Stephen!
A new fan,
Hope Tarrant
San Clemente, Ca.
Dear Mr. Baldwin,
    I recently saw you in an interview on fox news.  I was so impressed by your faith in God, and the testimony that you gave.  All through the interview I prayed for you, that God would bless  you, and give you wisdom.  There were so many watching you at the Republican National Convention, and on Larry King and your witness for Jesus Christ was increasable.  It is wonderful to see individuals with influence sharing Jesus with others.  I pray that God will bless you, and use your fame as a ministry for His glory.

May God continue to bless you and your family.

Deborah Parker
Used to watch Stephen with our kids when he was on Young Riders.  We always enjoyed him, & later found our he had quite a family.  I know they are close, but really happy to know he found Christ--guess that is why he always will be our favorite.  Alex is kind of lost & never seems to be too happy with any one.  Will be praying for him.
Dear Stephen,
Greetings in Jesus name! I watched you on this morning in Liberia, West Africa on the replay of Larry King live when he interviewed you at the Republican National Convention. I am anxious to learn more of what you're doing with kids in the USA because young people worldwide need help and your experience and support could be crucial to the youth of Liberia who have been through 15 years of civil war since 1989. We find it encouraging that Americans are making as an issue, faith in Jesus Christ as a major concern of this election. That's good for your country because human efforts without God will eventually ruin any country, especially great countries like the USA and eventually make it an empire of the past.
Thanks, God bless
Pastor Kortu K. Brown
Mr. Baldwin,
I caught you being interviewed at the Republican Convention and was so proud to hear you stand up and profess your faith in God.  Are there anymore stars in Hollywood like you?  I certainly hope so.  Thank you so much for giving God the glory.
S. Clark
Dear Stephen Fans:
  I just saw Stephen interviewed on Access Hollywood about his attending the Republican National Convention this year.  His statement that he was a "Born Again Christian" and that he wanted to find the best candidate to support his faith was music to my ears.  I am so proud of him for taking a stand, especially considering the party affiliations of some of his brothers, and it is my prayer that God will bless him for it.  We need more voices like his in Hollywood to stand up for Christ!
Donna Moore
It was great seeing you at the Republican Convention and hearing your
excellent comments when interviewed !!!!!!!!  :-)        We were very
pleased that you were able to witness to millions of people of your
FAITH  !!!!!!!!  :-)
Kathleen Kelly
Bettie Bale

As a follower of Christ, I just wanted to encourage you to stand up for your faith and what you believe. I know that you probably feel alone in your profession, but I admire you for your dedication to your beliefs.  I saw an interview with you tonight on Access Hollywood...about how you and Alec disagree on politics because you are voting for the person you believe has the strongest faith. I just want you to know that God will reward you for being bold in your walk with Him.  I hope you can find peace in that.

Kristi Templeton
I am not one to seek out a fan site to say something about an actor, however, I felt so compelled to do so upon seeing Stephen Baldwin, for the third time, at the Republican National Convention.  I am an average, middle-aged, American woman with tradition values and have been very worried about the downward spiral of our nation and the lack of morals in the last few years.  I worship & love God, though not a religious fanatic.  I appreciate the freedom to openly express my beliefs.  Lately, however, I have been feeling that the force trying to remove God from our way of life seems to be winning.  I have been praying for God to intervene and open the hearts and eyes of the American people before it was too late.
   Seeing Stephen in the interviews at the RNC has renewed my hope that, with God, and a few well-known people willing to take a stand, we can turn our nation around.  I mean, the fact that a Hollywood actor would purposely seek out the camera to spread his message of keeping God in our nation blows me away!  I'm so used to hearing the opposite from anyone connected with Hollywood.  I'm confident that he's doing this for the right reasons!  I thank God for Stephen's stand and I hope that you will pass on my thanks to him ASAP. 
   Stephen keep sending the light, and we'll keep praying for you and our nation!!!  God bless you!
-Judi Hendricks
You are incredible.  We have been watching you being interviewed the last few days and we want to thank you for bringing up the fact that this country is systematically removing God from our country.  We praise you for having the guts to stand up and say it and to be at this convention, which most of Hollywood has so many vile things to say about. 
Thank you for standing up for what you believe in.  I think you should think about being in our government in the next few years.
Thank you,
Marilyn Whitley
Just wanted to thank you for pulling yourself a way from the typical Hollywood Crowd and joining in with the National Republican Convention! I was impressed with your statements about Faith and Thank you dearly for trying to bring God and faith back into the picture. Instead of taking God out of things! I will definitely make sure that because of your positive response towards faith that I will totally support what ever you do as an actor. Your interview with Gretta mad me smile and you have no idea how proud you made a person inside! Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!
Julie Dukes
Dear Stephen,

My name is Ray Schaefer from Watchung, NJ.  I had the privilege of meeting you in person about 4 years ago in NYC at a New York Technology event.  At the time, I viewed you as a staunch liberal, associating you with your brothers who quite actively endorse policies of ultra left members of our government that have agendas quite contradictory to Biblically based ideology.  In complete honesty, I dismissed you as another “wacky liberal”.  My feelings, however, have made a complete 180 degree turn.  Last night, I was joyfully surprised to hear from you that you have become a man of faith and are supporting “the man who is led by God”. 

Stephen, I saw you again on TV this morning and heard you say that about 4 years ago, your wife became a born again Christian and shortly thereafter, you followed in suit.  Hearing you say that touched my heart like you can not imagine.  It is very difficult to be a true Christian in America these days and I am so happy to see that you, a celebrated member of our Hollywood contingent, has recognized the finished work of Jesus and have decided to follow Him.  In fact, I have never heard anyone so eloquently and succinctly explain what “born again” means.  You alluded quite accurately to the fact that “born again” carries a strong negative or “freaky” connotation with it.  You summed it up so nicely by saying that born again simply is a rebirth of one’s spiritual being and is a recognition of God as the Soveirgn One in control.

Ray Schaefer
Stephen you get it!
You are awesome.  I saw you on MSNBC last night telling it how most of us Americans see it, too!  I am so proud of you!!  You are the man!!!  Awesome!  Keep up the great work!  The person with the most faith gets my vote too!

Brian Downey
 Mr. Baldwin, I watched your interviews last night following the GOP Convention on Fox and MSNBC. I was inspired that you were able to express many of my feelings on the leadership of our country. I almost cried at your public _expression of your faith as a guiding basis rather than the items that the daily press thinks we should be struggling with concerning this election. The leader of our country needs to have a strong and public faith in God and let his beliefs guide his decisions. Like you I also believe that the Pledge of Allegiance needs to be in public schools and I can only hope that your words help overcome those who want to eliminate religious beliefs from America's culture. You were so articulate last night that I cannot improve on what you said so I hope you don't mind if I borrow your words. I only hope I can express the same passion that obviously comes from your heart. Thank you from myself and from my Christian friends for your inspiration.

Eric Garner
Charlotte, NC

I just wanted to say that I was pleasantly surprised about the comments that Stephen made last evening about his faith on several cable TV stations.Judging by what we continually hear in the media, you would not believe that the American people believe that our President should be inspired by our heavenly father in making decisions.
I too believe exactly what Stephen Baldwin said about how our President should be led.  I will always remember what President Bush said right after 9/11 from the scriptures: Yea, though I pass through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me.
People who stand for truth should be commended.  Stephen is speaking the truth.

I, along with many, many others watched you on television last night and was very moved and impressed with the gentle, yet powerful stance you took for God and Jesus. Being a large movie fan and typical American male it was such a pleasure to see someone from that industry unaffected and calm in his very clear, solid and unashamed belief of what is important for any leader. Look to God for direction in everything we do and I could not agree more, that our fine President George W. Bush does exactly that. I am not even sure if this will get to you, but if it does Thank-you and God bless you and your family. My wife and I will pray for you and all your efforts in the future to help bring people to the same Joy we share and that is of course, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  God Bless

John Hartin
I just saw Stephen on the Fox News Show and wanted to write and commend him on his interview.  He did a wonderful job of conveying his beliefs and why he would be voting for a man who was guided by God.  I am hoping that you will pass this on to him and let him know that as a Christian I am proud of how he presented his faith and his testimony.  I was especially impressed with his statement about a difference between Church and State and God and State.  He said in a few words what many, many Christians have believed for a long time.  I appreciate his courage and faith to appear on national TV and make a stand for the Truth.    Sincerely, Gwen Meyer, Kentucky
My name is Joseph Harrison and Ilive in Selma Al. I am probably one of you older fans. The reason is the stand you take for your faith. Believe me God will bless you for that.
I have 4 children ages 19 to 27 and I try to tell to look at you. They can take a stand if you can. Celeberities a lots of times make faith claims and over time for get about it. Don't you do that.

Thanks. God bless you and God bless America.
I just finished watching your interview in FOX News.  How refreshing to see someone not afraid to share his faith on national television.  I pray that God will bless you in a special way for your courage to speak the truth on His behalf.
                                         Yours in Christ,
                                          Kimberly Thomas
                                          A fellow "Born Again Christian"
Stephen, I was SO pleased and astounded to hear you speak all too
briefly on my FOX channel here in O'Town!!!
    May the Lord our God continue to BLESS and KEEP you in ALL you desire todo.   I to think it is of GREAT importance to keep and God fearing, believing, seeking man such as our President Geo. W. Bush IN OFFICE!   A man of Great integrity, and one who is strong against this present danger we now face.   As I tell my 'non-Christian friends who mock and scorn "If you don't think the 'Land of The Bible' is coming ALIVE before our very eyes in a count down to Revalation fashion, you sir are ill-informed."  Bless you Stephen and your family!!!
 Timothy Lee Cromer
WOW! Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for this wonderful MAN - you are an inspiration for all those of us who love the Lord.  May God bless you and keep you safe as you so lovingly and boldly announce that HE is your savior...
I saw you being interview 2 times at the Republician Convention and I could not stop watching or believing what I was hearing...I am so excited that you are a part of the Republican Party - maybe you should run for office! and soon...  I thought you especially were remarkable - when you continued to speak so galantly with Ron Reagan standing next to you.
God's speed to you!
What you said at the Republican Convention was amazing!

Blessings, peace, and joy,
Just wanted to encourage Stephen in his stand while interviewed on FOX News. I was never prouder to see a man such as Stephen stand up with such conviction. You may be persecuted here for your stance, but remember we are to lay our treasures up in heaven not here. May God Bless You Mr. Baldwin. I will be praying for you to continue onward with boldness and strength which only can come by way of Jesus. Take Care.
Cudos to the man with faith...Stephen is a great American!!
I am to a born again Christian and have been since May 19th 1999.  I find it awesome that a man like yourself come to the saving power of our Lord.  "All things are possible with God".  What a testimony you have.  I found myself with a case of chills listening to you on Fox the other night with you speaking on your faith.  What a man of God you have turned out to be.
I am a deacon at a large Baptist church in my community and a 11th grade Sunday school teacher.  I am using your testimony to try and turn some of our teens to God.

God Bless Bro, 
Chris Carden

I saw your interview on Fox News.

Thank you for your fearless stand for that which is right! Finally a man of God that does not look crazy or otherwise to represent the Kingdom to others that would otherwise dismiss us.

You have renewed my own courage to stand and be counted. I will vote for the one who seeks after God first.

Thank you man of God.

Tom Roberts
I just saw Mr. Baldwin’s interview on Fox and I want to thank him for taking a public stand for Men and Women of faith who believe in the Bible and its timeless truths.  Please let him know how grateful I am.
                                                                        Russell Spatz
I just saw a quick interview with Stephen on Fox news.  It is really great to see SOMEONE in Hollywood has some morals.  Tell him to keep plugging.
Derrill Foster - Utah.

I am 57 years old so not exactly a fan club member even though I do admire you. I just saw you on TV witnessing to your belief in Jesus. I had tears in my eyes. You were talking about voting for the candidate that believes in God the most. Thank you for your witness. Most people do not know how important that it is that our leaders seek God’s wisdom. I am sooooo glad that you have found Jesus. I am now a fan that will be interested in what you are up to. I will be excited to see more of you.

Linda Van Rhee
Way to go Stephen, you hit it right on. Our country needs to support a Christian leader (our Faith), so he can leads us on the right path, remember, the right path is not the easiest, but we know it is the right one and like you rightly said, a lot of Christians did not vote, well, now we know who we should vote for.
Thank you for your brave leadership in these difficult times.
Irving Silva
Good for Stephen for his scheduling an appearance at the GOP Convention
Mark Terry
  Just wanted to express my happiness that Stephen will be speaking at the GOP convention,...I am so glad that he can see the light.. I know that sounds corny but I truly feel that is the case with this presidential election. His brother is so mad and so disenchanting that I feel sorry for him.  Anyway, I am so glad for Stephen and want to give him the encouragement he may need that he is doing the right thing.  P. s.  I like him even more now!!!!           Marianna Martel
Stephen it is great you are attending the Republican Convention. I will see EVERYONE of your movies.  You are tops in my book. Tom Dorsey
Thank God for brave young men of principal. We admire you.
David Watson
I am not one that chases after movie stars and such. I was channel surfing the other night and I just happened to hear God mentioned and decided to stop and watch. I was suprised that it was Howard Stern who I never watch. I saw you on that show and I thought you did a outstanding job of telling the glory of being a born again christian. I know they  tried to ambush you at every turn and you didn't give a inch. You will be in my prayers and I pray for you continued success.

God Bless
Your Brother In Christ
Richard DeFouw
Stephen...congratulations to you for maintaining your composure and resolution to
the living God who has so obviously made you
anew in your faith in HIM, He is the way...the truth..and the light! I saw part of the Howard Stern special and your faith was courageous in the face of your enemies! The attacks  on you were so vicious and nauseating I had to turn off the TV...but you were unwavering! Praise God for using you as a  cry in the wilderness!Keep the faith Brother in Christ! Yours is the Kingdom of heaven...for Blessed is he who is persecuted in My Name!

Sincerely Diane
I love Stephen Baldwin!!!  God Bless Him and his love for Jesus!

I saw Stephen Baldwin on Howard Stern last night.  Now I cannot stand Howard but I was channel surfing and there was Stephen.  I love him and all he stands for spiritually.  I was so proud of the way he handled himself with Howard and that Uncle Paully guy and everyone else.  He thanked God for giving him the words to say to defend the honor of Jesus Christ.  Also I love him for walking away from temptation like he did and devoting himself to his wife and only her.

Every time I see Stephen I admire him more and more for his love of Jesus.  I wish all Christians were as straight forward with their feelings for the Lord.  Thank you for listening.  I am not one to go to a fan site and write. I just got a computer hooked up a month or so ago, but I wanted to express my admiration for Stephen.

With Passion for our Savior Jesus Christ
Heather Hildebrand
Steven, me and my wife we flipping through the t.v. the other night and caught you on h.s.  I thought you did a good job of handling yourself against a room full of attack.  We are both Christians and we will be praying for you in the future.  We hope everything goes well for you and your family and that Christ will continue to strengthen your message.  I don't feel that the stern show is the best place to try to promote this, but they are the most in need of the message.  As when Christ gave the message most rejected it, some said they would listen later, but a few were converted.  These few are why we continue to spread the message.  I am only 23 and like you I have a rocky past.  Today I work as a teacher and youth worker in my church.  It is good to see the power of Christ in someone like you.  I have seen your movies and there is defiantly a change in you.  I hope you continue to walk in His grace and stand strong in His power.  And as Paul said KEEP THE FAITH AND NEVER GIVE UP. 
                                                           In Him,
                                                                Tyler and April
Just flippin through the channels after sportscenter and saw you on the Howard Sterns show... You did great. I really appreciate how you handle yourself with the love of Jesus...Good Job, "Another crown for you."
Lisa Dale
stephen, i was channel surfing and caught you with a bible in your hand reading from the scriptures. it was clear to me that your stand on the word of God made all there visibly uncomfortable. funny how that happens. i just wanted to let you know that i appreciated your testimony.
in Christ,
Dear Mr. Baldwin,
 When I saw you on the Howard Stern Show On July 28, it reinforced my faith in Jesus. What he did with you is a testimony of his awsome power. His grace shined through you in the show even with all the attacks you endured. I feel that Jesus touched some hearts through you in that show. He surely touched mine where I least expected Him to; in the Howard Stern show.
                                                                                                        Herminio Diaz
Praise God for Mr. Baldwin's boldness in spreading His gospel. I had just read an article on Mr. Baldwin in the On Course magazine. It was an answer to prayer. I have been praying that revival would reach Hollywood.  If a "celebrity" is seeking Jesus where can they go to ask questions and learn?  The average Joe walks into a church down the street. Well, celebrities can't do that. We need "celebrities" to reach out to other "celebrities."  We need chaplains/celebrites (*ha* that sounds funny) to be on set to minister to the needs of celebrities. We need everyone to reach their sphere of influence for Jesus Christ!  Praise God for Mr. Baldwin's Livin' It.  Please, God, stretch him and help him to recognize the potential he has for spreading the gospel to an unreached segment of our society.  Amen!
DeShae Biegalski
Let Stephen Baldwin know he has a new fan in Washington State.  I appreciate Stephen supporting our President and will make it a point to support Stephens new projects.  It is nice to know that there is at least one star in hollywood with my same values.......PLEASE TELL HIM THANK YOU!!!!!
Dana Erickson
Poulsbo, Wa
 I heard Stephen on the Howard Stern show this morning. I was really angered at the criticism and mocking he was subject to. He was treated without any respect and unfairly for his beliefs. I used to be on alcohol real bad, and now I am a Sunday teacher and I preach from time to time. I wondered why Mr. Baldwin would put himself in the position to be ridiculed as he did today. And then I remembered Jesus talking about him coming to the world to save the unsaved. Only a sick man needs a doctor. I believe Stephen could have planted a seed in Howard. Actually I hope he did. I am very proud of Stephen Baldwin for standing up for his beliefs, please tell him thank you and I will be praying for him. He really touched me today with his words. "Praise Jesus" Tell him I stand behind him. I am a nobody in the big world of the rich and famous. My voice might not mean anything, but I to will stand for the Lord, and I am thankful Stephen Baldwin does. Tell him I will pray for him. Thank you for your time.

God Bless,
Benny Henderson Jr.