Dead Weekend

  • STARS: Stephen Baldwin, David Rasche (Presumed Innocent), Tom Kenny, Alexis Arquette (The Wedding Singer), Bai Ling (The Crow).
  • YEAR: 1995 (TV)
  • MY RATING: 4 out of 10
  • DIRECTOR: Amos Poe
  • CATEGORY: Sci-Fi, Romance, Action 
Ann's Summary and Review:

In the not too distant future, the citizens of a major American city have been evacuated from a potential natural disaster. But as True World Forces (TWF) soldiers, Weed (Baldwin) and Payne (Rasche) soon discover, there is no potential natural disaster. Instead, they’ve been ordered on a top secret mission to seek out and destroy a female alien. Payne and Weed soon encounter a beautiful woman named Amelia who turns out to be the female alien with the power of changing her appearance at will (she is played by five different actresses). Weed sleeps with Amelia and learns that sexual intercourse serves as the alien’s spark plug (it gives her energy) so Weed has to screw her every 10 minutes or so. Weed convinces Payne that he’s in love with Amelia and that love is more important than following orders. Weed is branded a traitor and hunted down. He decides to leave the planet with Amelia but his former colleagues are intent on killing him.

I didn’t know quite what to make of this film. Was it a joke? It’s almost like a soft porn flick in parts. Amelia (the alien) is played by five different actresses of various races and Stephen’s character has sex with all of them. It’s a good chance to check out his tattoos but not my kind of film really, which is why I’m providing and alternative review below by “Manos” (from IMDB)

The people responsible for this masterpiece knew EXACTLY what they were doing! I can almost picture it: "What? No budget? Oh, well, let's have fun anyway!" It's as if the director used this flick as an opportunity to compile a resume' of styles (hence the random Homicide: Life on the Street camerawork in one scene), and the actors were just there for a good time. It's great. Set in the "not-too distant future", martial law has been declared in The City in leu of a looming earthquake. However, the earthquake is merely a ruse, a story fed to the public so the TWF (True World Forces) can capture an alien spotted over the city some few days earlier. A TWF agent runs into the alien (a *hottie* who can change her apperance, while always remaining - of course - a hottie), and the two go off and, um, compare their respective physiologies (yeah, that's it). Other things happen, too, but who pays attention to plot nowadays? The effects are poor, but it's the *little* things that really made this film. The chalk outlines. The phone book. The beautiful rooftop view of The City. The officer's club/strip joint/medicenter. These minute details were handled (fondled, even) with the utmost care, thus making this film the cinematic treasure it is. Don't be confused: this flick is BAD. But that's okay. It's as if the director & stars agreed to make as entertaining a film as they could with the $5.63 budget they had. I loved every minute of it!

Johnny Betts's Review:

Dead Weekend

It's Friday evening.  You decide that you'd like to rent a good Stephen Baldwin movie.  Unfortunately, when you get to the video store you find that "Usual Suspects" is checked
out.  "Oh well," you think to yourself, "guess I'll have to settle for a bad Stephen Baldwin movie
instead."  The video store is your oyster, my friend, and who knows, you may find another pearl amongst Stephen's work.  It's worth a shot.

As you're roaming the aisles, life's cruel hand of fate guides you to "Dead Weekend."  Sadly, you decide that you'll give it a chance, and you don't find out until it's too late that the title of the movie is a fitting description for any weekend spent watching this tripe.

The plot.  Is there a plot to this?  Basically, Stephen (who plays a character named Weed) and some
guy you most likely have never heard of (David Rasche, see?), are supposed to find and destroy a
female alien.  It turns out that the alien has the ability to morph into various female forms and she gets
her energy from, um, having sex.  Stephen falls in love with the alien and apparently feels it's his duty
to give her lots of energy.

I saw this movie on the Sci-Fi channel, so every time Stephen was about to get some alien love, the
movie would cut to a 5-minute commercial.  But I think it's safe to say that the only thing going on in
this movie was Stephen gettin' it on with five different female forms of the alien.  The alien changes
forms randomly, and sometimes she doesn't even know she has changed. 
Luckily for Stephen, she always shape shifts into a hot babe.

In the end, Stephen decides to leave the planet with his alien lover, but his former soldier colleagues
feel he's a traitor and they try to hunt him down.  Oh the tension.  Do you think Stephen would've still wanted to flee the planet with this alien if she started morphing into a Roseanne look-alike with a severe back-hair problem?  I doubt it.

It's no bold prediction to say that I'll never watch this movie again.  I have no problem watching movies that are so bad they're entertaining (Troll 2, a good number of Michael Paré
movies), but this movie is so bad it's just BAD.  I was bored the entire movie, and I had to fight the
temptation to hit "fast forward" harder than Mike D fighting for his right to party.  But I can be a
stubborn guy at times.  I taped this movie, so I was bound and determined to watch the whole thing.

Watching the movie wasn't a total loss though.  Yes folks, I actually learned a valuable lesson from this experience - I have really got to learn to be less stubborn.

Johnny's Final Point: Avoid at all costs.  Literally.  Spend money to AVOID seeing this movie if you have to.

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