We think we can all agree that Cody added the necessary humor to the show. We're sure we all remember a moment when he made us chuckle (either with him or at him). We're trying to collect memorable Cody quotes or scenes. Let us know if you have something to add. It doesn't necessarily have to be humorous.

From "The Play's the Thing" (an introduction to a stranger)

JONATHAN:"This is William F. Cody, Pony Express Rider, Marksman, and Thespian."

CODY: "Who are you callin' a Thespian?"

From "Bulldog" (Jimmy and Ambrose are fighting and Ambrose won't give up even though he is clearly out-matched)

KID:"Gotta give him credit. He's got guts."

CODY:"Yeah, and pretty soon they're gonna be all over the place."

From Blind Love (Jimmy and Lou are having an argument about women)

CODY:"Ain't love grand! What I like most is the way it keeps us all together- nice and friendly-like."

From Blind Love (the riders come and save Jimmy from the hangman's noose.)

JIMMY:"What took you boys so long?"

CODY:"Every time we voted, it came out a tie."

From Lady for a Night (The Riders see Lou in a dress for the first time.)

CODY: "Well it looks like we've got ourselves a new bunk mate fellas."

JIMMY:"All's I can say is you'd better watch yourself Kid."

CODY:"Kid?, Kid who?"

From Lady for a Night (Jimmy has just pulled out a tooth by tying string to it and slamming the door.)

JIMMY:"That'll teach that damn tooth [it] better'nt mess with me."

CODY:"I'm surprised he didn't shoot it out."

From Decoy (Cody explaining why he should deliver and important document).

CODY: "Excuse me Teaspoon but I believethat a job as important as this one should go to the bravest, best-lookin', best damn rider you got and I just happen to be available."

From Decoy (Cody giving a eulogy for a stranger).

CODY:"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, may this man's spirit...uh....never rust."

From Decoy (Emma and Sam are heading off to a wedding together).

CODY: "Sam remember now, when she catches the bouquet, don't go shootin' it out of her hand."

From "Fall from Grace" Thanks to Sarah for this one

CODY:"You know what gets me about you Teaspoon? Even when you're wrong, you're right."

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