"Ode to Code "

He likes to write and read and act;
and give his opinions too;
He sometimes lacks a bit of tact;
Just ask Kid and Lou.

His mouth is rather cavernous;
he likes all kinds of food;
His appetite is ravenous;
and his manners are quite crude.

He falls in love once a week;
but he never sheds a tear;
He always has a lot to say;
but no one wants to hear.

His penchant for exaggeration
Causes a lot of friction;
He says he’s the best rider at the station;
but they all know it’s fiction.

Though killing is lamentable;
he takes it in his stride.
Some things aren’t preventable;
and he'll never run and hide.

Thanks Beth for the next 5 parts

Quick to speak, a slip of the tongue,
He certainly causes grief.
But after all, he is still young
And seves as comic relief.

At distance shooting there's no doubt
Who's the very best.
In a tight spot or in a shoot out,
He always outdoes the rest.

A bear named Bart, a tiger, Pete--
A sheer menagerie.
What animal will next he meet?
It remains a mystery.

He often wanders, searching for the way
To make his life complete.
He finds a new hero most every day,
Which is really quite a feat.

His heart, he loses easily;
He's quick to fall in love.
His words are spoken breezily
Of things he knows nothing of.

Add a stanza to this neverending poem. Just make sure it rhymes A-B-A-B.

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