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**Notes: These Encounters may not be verified, but they are here for the enjoyment of the fans.. We lost a number of pictures to an angelfire glitch.. so if you contributed pictures before.. please send them to us again! Thanks!!! - Raye**

September 26, 2000. Chrissy met Stephen.

2 nights ago, I went to a Christina Aguilera/Destiny's Child concert at Jones Beach in Long Island. I had 2nd row, so i was already excited. As we were all anxiously waiting for Destinys Child to come out, I noticed some guy wearing a Destinys Child t-shirt around his head and sun glasses. He sat right in front of me and when he turned around, I noticed that it was my favorite actor, Stephen Baldwin. I lost it, and after like almost in tears, I gained enough courage to ask him for his autograph. I pulled out a piece of paper from my pocket book, and I tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and I introduced myself and I asked him for an autograph and he said sure. He was so amazing....I was trying so hard to contain myself. LoL. So on the paper, he wrote: To Chrissy, God Bless, Stephen Baldwin. I will never ever forget that night. I was such a huge fan and to meet him was such dream for me.

Val met Stephen and Casper Van Dien:

In December (1999), I had the honor of being an extra for the first time in my life for a film. I am a paratrooper in the U.S. Army's 82nd Airborne Division and as part of a detail we were tasked out to march around on a scene where Casper Van Dien and Stephen Baldwin are doing some skydiving training with the U.S. Army's Golden Knight team. It was a very short scene, but it was fun just being around a movie set. The picture I sent was taken at Pope Air Force Base in North Carolina.

What was weird that I thought was the way Stephen communicated with me. I had asked him what film company was producing the film, but I forgot what he had said. When I asked him the first question, I was in a group with a bunch of my comrade paratroopers and as he started talking, he just came closer and closer. It was cool cause he made me feel as an individual and not as just another person in the crowd. Anyhow, he had mentioned that Guy Manos who is the director for the film was an awesome individual. He mentioned Guy being like one of the first people to bring birth to Extreme Sports that much of young people enjoy today. I don't remember exactly everything he had talked about, probably cause my eyes were wandering all around behind him noticing everyone that gathered around to hear what the conversation was all about. I also talked to Casper a little bit too. Casper was excited about his first skydive jump, though it was a tandem jump, he said he had a rush jumping from 15,000 ft. Then he asked about our jumps. Well I told him that our jumps are a little different from his. When we jump we wear 70 lbs of equipment a weapon, exit the aircraft at night and jump between 600 to 800 ft which leaves like no time to pull your reserve. He was amazed when I told him that. He also said that his father was in the service also and got to experience the military life some. When I got home my wife was like wanting to go track these guys down just to get a glance.It was a cool Hollywood experience.

Rebecca met Stephen

I met Stephen at a radio show Halloween party about 8 years ago. He was a friend of a guy I dated and the guy who introduced my boyfriend (at the time) and me. He was real sweet and made me feel real comfortable.

Stephen invited me and a friend to watch him film 'The Young Riders'. I was very nervous then as well due to the fact that I would be meeting several other 'stars'as well and he put me at ease. He introduced me around, I watched them film and then they took a break. We went outside and I had the pleasure of meeting his wife (she was pregnant with their first child). She was very nice and seemed genuinely happy to meet me.

Stephen invited me back the next day without my friend (who totally embarrassed me by acting weird). The next day was the same as before. He gave me the number of where they were filming and told me to call before I came and that I was welcome anytime but he wanted to make sure they would be there because they filmed at a lot of different locations. I also met them at a local pool hall but my playing was pretty bad. Stephen bummed cigarettes from me and joked around with everybody. My playing has gotten better and i hoped to one day have the chance to retaliate against him. (can you post a challange to him or not? let me know)

I have seen him several different times and he has always remembered me. He is polite and makes people laugh very easily. I wish I could still get a hold of him. On the last day of filming that I saw, he gave me an autographed picture from the Young Riders signed by the cast.

He does not act like a typical New Yorker. He barely had an accent and definitely did not have the New York attitude. He acted like a gentlemen, opening doors and having a lighter handy to light my cigarette and the one he bummed.

When I ran into Stephen four years ago, it was at a halloween party at a local bar. He still remembered me. I was amazed!, floored and kind of proud of myself. He told me that due to his popularity he can not show his face in public places with out people freaking or at least asking a bunch of questions. Since he was there with his wife he was incognito but I would know that walk anywhere. Kennya waved at me when he walked back over and told her who I was. He remembered me and that made me feel really good.

Melissa met Stephen

I guess my "claim to fame" is that I met Stephen Baldwin, though not when he was acting on "The Young Riders." I met him in April 1995 when I was working as a Production Assistant on the ABC special "In A New Light: Sex Unplugged" that Stephen co-hosted, along with Rosie Perez and Barbara Walters (if you have it, you'll see my name in the ending credits under "Production Assistant.") Stephen was in the pizzeria (next door to where we were filming) waiting to order his lunch when my director told me that he was needed on the set and asked me to go and get him. I had butterflies in my stomach, but I walked up to him and told him that he was needed. He smiled at me, thanked me and asked me if I would mind ordering his lunch for him. Was I crazy??? Of course I wouldn't mind! (Just as a note, he ordered a plain Sicilian (square) slice!) But me, being the star-crazed 17 year old that I was, pocketed the two dollar bills that he took out of his pocket, and paid for his slice with my own money. He was so sweet to me when I brought him his pizza -- he thanked me again, and kind of pat my shoulder. I still have the chills from it! So, you're probably asking yourself "Where is Stephen's money today?" Don't laugh -- I still have it tucked safely away! Although I wasn't able to get an autograph (we weren't allowed to ask for them), I did leave that day with his two dollars! :) Yes folks, that's my Stephen Baldwin Claim to Fame, though I would probably hide away forver in embarassment if he ever found out how silly I acted!

Regina saw William in New York

I actually spotted Billy(he was on the street in front of the Museum of Natural History in NYC)and I was on a bus coming back from this field trip. My English class had gone to see "Elizabeth" and I kept remembering how my cousin Michelle always saw celebs when she was in Manhattan(we live in the Bronx)and I was like: "I spend a whole day in Manhattan and I don't spot even one celebrity!" Anyway, when the bus was riding near the museum and I saw the street sign for Central Park West, I thought: "Oh, Billy Baldwin lives around here.." so the bus keeps driving. I think there must have been a traffic light at the museum or something but in any case, we slowed down. I see(at this point I just saw the side of his face) this tall, attractive, dark-haired guy chatting with a shorter man. I say to myself: "Wow, that guy is cute, even looks kind of Baldwin-like.." and we drive a little up further. At this point I have a great view of the guy's face, and I almost fell out of my seat! It was Billy!! I kept blinking, asking myself if I was dreaming and I nudged my friend dozing next to me and she confirmed, I was such a wreck, lol. Well, that's my little story....

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