Submitted Strategies
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Submitted Strategies

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"This might be a cheap way to win. If you are playing Zerg vs Zerg build a creep colony in the enemy base, then evolve into sunken colony."
Submitted by Homee88068

"When you are playing terran vs terran heres a good strategy to use against newbies. Bulid two starports and add a control tower to one. Research both wraith abilities and build twelve wraiths and 3 dropships. Fill each dropship with 2 goliaths and a siege tank with siege tech upgrade. Then cloak your wraiths and attack the enemy base while he is wondering what to do unload by his workers. Don't worry about missile turrets 12 wraiths can take care of them. Then either you will destroy his base and win or he will get pissed and leave. Either way you win."
Submitted by CROSBY MIKE

"To be even cheaper with a Zerg vs. Zerg, build a nydus canal in the middle of their base at their workers. Send hydralisks thru and watch the carnage."
Submitted by Umberger

"a good strategy for protoss is to get a gateway and make 5 zealots build. wait for one to come out then send all but one worker into the city and make them follow you then make the built zealots attack thier abbandoned city."
Submitted by The Man

"For Protoss in the start of the game you want to hit hard with zelots! when that doesnt work rush to an arbiter with the stasis field ability and send it in and stasis field there workers. this will slow them down and give you a good chance to get another fresh arbiter and use the recall ability to send in guys and then reaver drop them it works real good against zerg."
Submitted by Lizko85

"First you build all the inferior buildings, then you make a lot of carriers, iterceptors and high templars. Then you merge the templar together to make archons. Then you atack first with carriers then with archons."
Submitted by Ken Martineau

"Choose zerg. gather minerals with drones dont build xtra drones. Send ol (overlord) to look 4 enemes base. U should be able to get 150 soon. When u do use one of your 4 drones to build a spawning pool. Then wait till its finished building when finished u should have 3 larvaes and use them to build zerglings. When they r finished building send all the zerglings + 2 drones with them. quick easy and simple"
Submitted by FuTBaLwR44

"When facing the protoss just knock out their pylons and everything is unpowered."

Submitted by Mach1888

"Hey. I own StarCraft and love the game! I figured out one of the best strategies to use but it works best with Protoss and sort of OK with Zerg but not Terran. My strategy is called Own the Map. It is as simple as it sounds. Build lots of Probes and make sure you have a Forge and your main base is well defended. Then make Pylons and put lots of Photon Cannons around them. If you are playing on a small map then this will guarantee victory since you will control almost all the minerals and Vespene. Also, try and find choke points to put your guns. Have Carriers ready to counterattack any large force attacking your guns."

Submitted by -Ace-

"As I played Starcraft for a long time, i have found one of the best ways to win people versus people games i.e. 3v3. In this case, chances are you won't have time to build air forces in a mass quanitity. Therefore, advanced ground units are the way to go. For zerg, upgraded hydra, for terran, units from the factory since barracks units are too weak, and toss, dragoons. Specifically goons, this is a deadly strat. This is how you do it. build probes until your 8 probe is queueing behind the 7. Save up for 100 minerals and build a pylon away from your nexus. By the time you are finished warping the 8th probe, warp another one. After your pylon is warped, warp another probe then save up for a gateway. Build a gateway, a pylon, then another probe, then another gateway. Build a gyser. From now on, keep a probe warping at all times. Just because you need one warping, doesn't mean you need to have 4 queueing. Once your gyser is ready, take 2 probes from mins to gas, then the next warping probe for a total of 3. Once your gateways are built, save up for a cybernetics core and build. While that is building, warp another gateway or 2 (preferably 2) and 1 or 2 more pylons. Once the cyber core is warped, research the goon attack range. Do this before you warp goons! Warp in as many goons as you have gateways. Build a forge and start researching upgraded attack while goons are building. Now, just build goons until you get 12+ and the range upgrade is done. Attack with 12 and keep the others at your base for defense or in case you need more. Now you kill!"

Submitted by ~=|Ace|=~

"Heres a strategy i call"ranching. NOTE: This strategy only works if you are the terrans on a "non-island" level. As soon as the game starts bring an scv to the enemy base on your way replace the scv you took. when you get to the enemy base you should have at least 100 minerals. build a refinery on their vespene geyser. Next, build a barracks a little distance away from their base(not too far). Build marines to keep your enemies from building any structures. next build bunkers by any alternate mineral source or a building spot. fill the bunkers and your enemies should be completely contained, leaving you able to take all the other mineral deposits and build anything you want and when your done you can either let them loose, or charge the base and crush it easily. P.S. sometimes the enemy workers attack you right away, don't be discouraged, try it again!"

Submitted by KVegitaSS2

"make lots of hydras and drop them right by enemys minerals,it will kill all workers"

Submitted by RAGE1397

"if you have a team member online you should both be zerg and build nydus canal's with eachother so you can opperate as one it works really well with zerg rushes if your enemy is also zerg build canal's on his creep too and you can see quick renforcements win a battle"

Submitted by lickme17

"This only works in custom and if your Terran or Protoss. It also may work againest someone with little exp. You also have to be quick. If your Terran mine just minerals. Build a Barracks as fast as possible. Train a Marine to go find them. while you do that you train more marines. When you find them, have the marine attack there hatchery. Then send the more marinestohelp him. If they have a sunken colony attack that until thats gone. If they don't blow up there drones after there hatchery. If your Protoss do the same thing But use only Zealots"

Submitted by lickme17

Submitted by Thegame906114142


Submitted by BOBNPERK

"a really good terran strategy i like to use is tanks/goliaths tank=ground goliath=air trust me it works very very well i would know i won about 350 games using that strategy"

Submitted by Madohgg

"here is a stradegy you mostly have to do on newbies 1vs.I call this stradegy"traped."This works best for protoss.Ok make 3 of your workers work in the begining of the game .Then find the enmey player and sneak a probe into theire base and leave it to they way side of their base and one you have enough for a pylon build that,thenbuild a forge . When that is done build cannons in your base for defense,then build a pylon off to the side and make all kinds of cannons around it.Then when you have enough make a pylon of to the side in front of the newbies base and build cannons around it.It will make it where he cant build a big base and it would be hard for him to have expansions.After that he'll be traped and you can keep making more cannons so theyll destroy his buildings.Then max out on zealots or carriers (other advanced ground units can not fit thew cannons) then send them to kill the newbie.Note:this may take a few tries you have to be really sneaky"

Submitted by

"sup one of my names in bnet is hokiefan and another name that i only used with zerg is stevt. Well one of my terran strats an unstopabble ground defense with tanks, have turrets all over your base....try to do this quick. Build 2 Starports after you have an unstoppable ground Defense. Build a control tower and upgrade the cloaking ability. Get a scienc fac. add on=covert and upgrade the ghost's cloaking ability and the longer site. Build a Silo and then a nuke. Make another comand center. Make a comsat on that one. Build a dropship and a few ghosts. if the map is green hunter 99 or any other block maps, put a ghost on the ledges between each mineral fields. Nuke where you think is a good cannons or any detectors. After you have killed the detectors around with a nuke, make another nuke....when finished making, go for the worker field....Nexus, main hatcherie, command center. After the few nukes, make more starports and go mass wraith and use the vessels, irradiate on biological units. Vessels are also detectors. also make another science fac. and make a physics add on and upgrade the yamato and energy things. Then start to pump out bc's. After you did the two nukes dont make it your attack things. Note: ALWAYS HAVE SCVS WORKING."

Submitted Fishasteev13

"Heres what ya should do toss: goon rush turtle base, 8 ports mass carriars all upgrades quick expand reaver recall terran: tank rush wraith rush or mass bc on no rush play build front gate D with plenty tanks and sighters and liftable buildings so ur troops can get out EMP nuke toss (kills nexus) often they quit zerg: get the minerals in front of ur base ASAP and mass bout 10 sunkens and 3 spores and put 2 Ols over it, then get more drones and hatcheries and just build drones and hatcheries till u have a redicuouls amount of money then get 2-3 lairs and uprade asap and get G spire so u have lotta scourge and mutas and guards and u can max out very fast. If u wanna be tricky sneak drone into the middle sides or top middle area and get a nydus. Note these tips r 4 BGH"

Submitted CYbErNeTiCc0w
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