How to Rush
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Rushing is very effective if your opponent is not expecting you to rush. If your opponent is rushing, rushing yourself will be good defense against a rush.

Zerg Rush

This is the most deadly rush. To rush with zerg do the following. First, get all your drones to gather minerals. Build a drone. Send your overlord to search for your enemy. When the drone is built, tell it to gather minerals. As soon as you get 150 minerals, tell one of your drone to build a Spawning Pool. While the Spawning pool is building, build a drone. When the drone is created, tell it to gather minerals. As soon as the Spawning Pool is built, build zerglings. When the zerglings are built, attack your enemy. Continue making overlords and zerglings as needed. If this doesnt work save up some zerglings then attack. If this still doesnt work, build an extractor and start getting some more tech to get more powerful units.
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Terran Rush

First,send all your scvbs to gather minerals. Build a scv. After the scv is built, tell it to gather. As soon as you have 50 minerals, build another scv. Keep gathering minerals. As soon as you get 150 minerals, build a Barracks. Keep gathering minerals. After the Barracks is built, build 2 marines. While you build marines, send one of you scvs to build a supply depot. While this is happening send one of your marines to search for your enemy. As soon as you get 2-4 marines attack your enemy. Keep building marines and supply depots as needed. If this doesnt work build another barracks and keep pumping out marines and attacking your opponent. If this still doesnt work build an academy and refinery. Try and get a lot of firebats and medics.
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Protoss Rush

First, send all your probes to gather minerals. Build another probe. When the probe is built tell it to gather minerals. When you get 50 minerals, build another probe. When you get another probe tell it gather. When you get 100 minerals tell one of your probes to warp in a pylon. Then tell is to gather minerals again. When you get 150 minerals warp in a gateway. When you get another 150 mineral build another gateway. When the gateway is built, build a zealot. Then tell a probe to build another plyon. Then tell the probe to gather again. Then keep building zealots and plyons as needed. as soon as you make your first 3 zealots, send them to different parts of the map to search for your enemy. Keep building zealots. As soon as you find your send all your zealots to attack. Send reinforcements in groups of 2 or 4. If this doesnt work, build an assimilator and a cybernetics core. Build dragoons to back your zealots.
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SCV/Worker Rush

This is a type of rush where you use your workers to attack. This can only be accomplished if you are allied with at least one other person or your opponent really *sucks*. There are two ways to accomplish this.
The first way is to just attack in the beginning. This is done right after the game starts and you have allied. When you and your allies attack your opponent he or she is overwhelmed. To have a successful rush, first destroy all the enemy workers. Then, go for the buildings.
The second way is to build more workers so you have 7-9 workers. After this is done, attack.
This stradegy is often used on when players want quick and easy wins.
I believe the best race to select is Zerg when using this stradegy. The Zerg workers regenerate and its attack distance is the farthest of all three species.
When you are using this stradegy, don't be the first to attack. All your units will die. For this reason keep at least one worker in your base or have enough minerals to make more.
This stradegy is a *team* effort. Everyone must attack for this stradegy to work.

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