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Excuse the term, but this is SO FUCKING FUNNY! Well I checked my email and I recieved this very interesting email.

This "Blizzard" employee emails me saying that he will sue me because of my little javascript. As you may have noticed when you right click on certain pages with images a little alert pops up. It reads as follows: "Trying to jack my pics? Well you can't have them!" He says I am infringing on a copy right. Well I know many pages who have that javascript.

This is the header:

From: "Jonathan Hamilton"
Subject: I am Jon Hamilton from Blizzard Entertainment.
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2000 21:12:18 PDT

This is the body of the document:

Greetings, I am Jon Hamilton from Blizzard Entertainment. I handle all of the Copy Right Infringment policies for Blizzard Entertainment. Although I am at my own residence right now, I have been informed about your webpage,, and some certain images appearing on it. Under the link "PICS", you have the choice of going to "View a Random Image". This is what Blizzard Entertainment is upset about. One of our employees, which chooses to remain anonymous, clicked on one of OUR images to save as Wallpaper, but was shocked when a window popped up saying "Trying to jack my pics? Well you can't have them!" This is where things get hairy. Those images are not your's, nor do you own them. You are required to remove that window and that message, unless you are prepared to face a law-suit. Those images belong to Blizzard Entertainment, and if someone would like to download them as wallpaper, as our employee did, they have the right to do so. Only Blizzard Entertainment reserves the right to do with their pictures as what you have done with them. If you have any questions or comments, you may email me at OR Thank you for your time, Jon Hamilton