RADIATION PRODUCING DEVICE REGISTRATION: All radiation producing machines/devices must be registered with the State of Alaska, Department of Health & Social Services, within 30 days of installation. Mobile or portable units are considered to be installed upon first use. There is an $80.00 annual registration fee per source tube per year. In most cases that will be $80 per unit, however a radiographic/fluoroscopic combination unit may have two or three tubes associated with it and the fee is PER TUBE.

Facilities where radiation therapy is performed, or research accelerators are used must pay a higher fee for an accelerator, of $500.00 per unit. A therapy simulator is actually an x-ray machine to be registered at the $80 fee level. Use the X-RAY REGISTRATION APPLICATION below to register these units. The form may be printed and/or copied directly from this web page. You may improve the quality of print out by using the right mouse button to "copy" the form, and paste in into your word processor with minimal margins (0.5 inches). The version found on the State of Alaska website may also be used.

X-RAY Registration Form

VENDORS: Below is the form to register as as a vendor, consultant, health physicist or other commercial source related to the sales, service, calibration, supplier, or trainer in the use of radiation sources. There is no fee to register as a vendor in Alaska.

Vendor Registration Form

SHIELDING: Below is a form that may be used to meet the requirements of 7 AAC 18.430. Whenever a radiation source is placed in an area where none has been before, or the output of a source has significantly increased, or other changes have occurred that substantially change the radiation emitting characteristics of a radiation source a new shielding should be designed. The shielding plan must be reviewed by the Radiological Health Program of the State of Alaska. There is no fee to the state for shielding plan reviews in Alaska at present.

Shielding Plan Worksheet

REGULATIONS: Below is a copy of the radiation control regulations, 7 AAC 18.

,Radiation Control Regulations

Fluoroscopy Regulations Slides: This section added to nine hours medical fluoroscopy safety training will, when documented, complete the required ten hours of training

Fluoroscopy Regulations Radiation Control Regulationd 7 AAC 18.440
Fluoroscopy Quiz

RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS: All reactor and accelerator produced radioactive materials must be registered/licensed with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (as of April 2009), and there are fees associated with that. The State of Alaska no longer registers accelerator produced radioactive materials. If you wish to register/license radioactive materials contact the Nuclear Regulatory Commission at Region IV, 817-860-8267.

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