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***There is a WinXP method for Privateer, and the boot-disk method works wondefully in tandem with the WinXP/NT method

- Also, if you have Windows ME, go here for a patch/method or here for a non-patch methodor that helps run Privateer & Righteous Fire

- There is also a emulator method called MyJEMM which apparently can also run multiple Wing Commander games under Windows 95/98/ME.

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1. Copy the file priv.tre (or rf.tre) from your Privateer CD to your Privateer directory on your hard drive (AFTER running the DOS-native installer, the files should show up).

2. Edit your priv.cfg (or rf.cfg) to point to the directory on your hard drive where Privateer is installed.
Before editing the .cfg file, it looks something like this:


After editing, it should look like:

=C:\PRIVATER\rf.tre (OR if you are using this method for WinXP, you simply would point the .cfg file to =C:\rf.tre, and that's all).

**Below continues the method for running Privateer in Win98.

Also, the .cfg files can be opened by double-clicking, and when Windows asks for the type of program to use to open it, use Notepad, BUT DON'T click OK until you make sure that the "Always Open with" box in the bottom left-hand corner isn't checked.

3. Reboot computer.

4. Every time you want to play Privateer Shutdown -> Reboot in MS-DOS mode and run Privateer normally.

5. If you create a shortcut, set the Advanced options as 'Use current DOS configuration' and 'Warn before entering DOS'.

6.OR, another way to get at it instead of making a shortcut in Windows is to create a standard Windows 98 boot disk by going into Control Panel--->Add/Remove Programs---> then click on the third tab that says "Create Startup disk" (or you could just search for "boot disk" in "Help". After creating the disk, have it in, restart, and then select the option to boot in "Minimum DOS startup" or something of that nature.

Also, check out Gateway's not so thorough attempt at getting Privateer to run in Win95.

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Note: If you want to review the document that I used to find my current method, click here to access it.

*** The only negatives I have noticed in this method is that, for my computer, you only have enough memory to run one of the sound selections (music or voices) and also that the copying of priv.tre and rf.tre requires around 150 MB. If you are an addicted Privateer junkie like me, it's worth it though. Also, I do appreciate the emails of inquiry asking how to use this method so it conforms with their system, but I probably know as much about DOS/Windows as you do. Please check out a tech-help forum on Wing Commander games that could help you more than I. - The Smartest Place to Buy and Sell More