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Privateer Weaponry - TGZ™


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Mass Driver Mass Driver

Meson Blaster Meson Blaster

Neutron Gun Neutron Gun

  • Velocity: 900 kps
  • Refire Delay: 0.65 seconds
  • Energy use: 18 GJ
  • Armor penetration: 6.2 cm
  • Price 5,000
  • O.F.:A fairly powerful gun, it is cheap yet if used constantly will drain energy supply

Particle Cannon Particle Cannon

  • Velocity: 1000 kps
  • Refire Delay: 0.6 seconds
  • Energy use: 11 GJ
  • Armor penetration: 4.3 cm
  • Price: 10,000
  • O.F.:My second most favorite gun, it is kinda cheap and does pack some power, yet isn't my #1 choice

Tachyon Cannon Tachyon Cannon

  • Velocity: 1250 kps
  • Refire Delay: 0.4 seconds
  • Energy use: 8 GJ
  • Armor penetration: 5.0 cm
  • Price 20,000
  • O.F.:My favorite gun in Privateer (not Righteous Fire); it packs a lot of energy with rapid reload time, ideal for a Centurion

Ion Pulse Cannon Ion Pulse Cannon

  • Velocity: 1200 kps
  • Refire Delay: 0.7 seconds
  • Energy use: 15 GJ
  • Armor penetration: 5.4 cm
  • Price: 40,000
  • O.F.:Packs slightly more power than Tachyon, also has a tad bit slower reload time, price tag is also a turnoff

Plasma GunPlasma Gun

  • Velocity: 840 kps
  • Refire Delay: 0.8 seconds
  • Energy use: 22 GJ
  • Armor penetration: 7.2 cm
  • Price: 80,000
  • O.F.:Uses way too much energy for my money, yet one hit does some good damage, gun coolers (in Righteous Fire) add greatly to this gun


Missile Launcher Missile Launcher

holds ten missiles in any combination. Needed to use missiles.

Price: 10,000

Dumb Fire (DF) Dumb Fire ( DF )

  • Lock: None (Fires straight)
  • Speed: 1000 kps
  • Armor Penetration: 13 cm
  • Price: 20
  • O.F.:a pretty pointless weapon, as it is slower and is harder to aim than the Torpedo

Heat Sink (HS) Heat Sink ( HS )

  • Lock: Locks onto engine
  • Speed: 800 kps
  • Armor Penetration: 16 cm
  • Price: 35
  • O.F.:My favorite missile, is a shoot-and-forget type of weapon, also quickly discourages enemy and is fairly cheap

Image Recognition (IR) Image Recognition ( IR )

  • Lock: Locks onto shape of target
  • Speed: 850 kps
  • Armor Penetration: 17 cm
  • Price: 75
  • O.F.:A weapon I don't like, since in battles with pirates and militia in Talons, it can easily piss off the side you don't want to...

Friend or Foe (FF) FFMissile

  • Locks onto nearest hostile ship
  • Speed: 900 kps
  • Armor penetration: 17 cm
  • Price: 100
  • O.F.:A good missile, and is my #2 choice. The only problems are really its speed and price, yet good for close dogfights


Torpedo Launcher Torpedo Launcher

Holds ten Proton Torpedos. Needed to use torpedos.

Price: 2,000

Proton Torpedo Proton Torpedo

  • Speed: 1200 kps
  • Armor penetration: 20 cm
  • Price: 15
  • O.F.:My favorite all around shooting projectile (excluding guns). It is relatively cheap, easy to keep an eye on, and is faster than the DumbFire


After burner: After Burner

More than double your speed with a great energy drain.

PRICE: 3,000


  • Plasteel:Plasteel10 cm. Protects from 4 direct laser hits. PRICE: 1,000
  • Tungsten: Tungsten 20 cm. Stops up to 2 torpedoes. PRICE: 1,500
  • Isometal:Costs 2,000 credits and is the best armor available.

Cargo Expansion: Cargo Expansion

Adds additional space to some ships cargo hold. PRICE: 5,000

ECM packages:ECM Packages

Electronic Counter Measures come in three levels. Each level prevents missile lock by about 25%. PRICE: 5,00 , 15,000 , 30,000

Engine Upgrade: Engine Upgrade 3

Five levels of upgrades. Each upgrade is a generator that powers shield and weapons. *Recommended that you have at least one more level of engines than shields. PRICE: 10,000 , 30,000 , 60,000 , 100,000 , 150,000

Jump Drive: Jump Drive

Allows you to "jump" from system to system. Jump fuel is part of the initial landing cost. PRICE: 10,000

Nav Maps: Nav Map of all Systems

Allows you to use autopilot and tells you where you are and where the jump sites are. *Easiest to buy the All Quadrant package. PRICE: single 2,000 all 5,000

Repair Droid: Repair Droid

Will fix all damages to your ship except for damage done to your weapons. Saves time and money. PRICE: 30,000

Scanners: Provides radar, target info, friend-or-foe HUD targeting, and a target camera.

Iris: Iris Scanner MK III

Basic radar

  • MK I: 5% chance per second of identifying target. PRICE: 10,000
  • MK II: Target Lock. 15% chance per second of identifying target. PRICE: 30,000
  • MK III: Target Lock. ITTS. 25% chance per second of identifying target. PRICE: 60,000

Hunter AW: Hunter Scanner Infinity

Friend-or-Foe Color coded radar

  • 6: 5% chance per second of identifying target. PRICE: 30,000
  • 6i: Target Lock. 15% chance per second of identifying target. PRICE: 50,000
  • Infinity: Target Lock. ITTS. 25% chance per second of identifying target. PRICE: 80,000

B & S: B&S Scanner Omni

Fully Color-Coded Radar

  • Tripwire: 15% chance per second of identifying target. PRICE: 40,000
  • E.Y.E.: Target Lock. 25% chance per second of identifying target. PRICE: 70,000
  • Omni: Target Lock. ITTS. 35% chance per second of identifying target. PRICE: 100,000

Shield Generator: Shield Generator

5 upgrades. Each uses 100 GJ of power. Each provides 100 cm of armor. PRICE: 10,000 , 30,000 , 50,000 , 100,000 , 150,000

Tractor Beam: Tractor Beam

Recovers salvage after a battle. Adds all items to your manifest. Uses 4 GJ per second. PRICE: 7,500

Turrets: Tail Turret

3 Types top, bottom, and rear. All have room for two guns and a tractor beam. PRICE: 10,000. best put on a turret, as it leaves room for missile/torpedo launchers and can easily be reached.

Note: this information was obtained from Scott's Privateer Page and is hereby acknowledged. As this information cannot be copyrighted by anyone except for Origin, all logos belong to Origin, excluding the advertisements below.