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Privateer Shipyard-Upgrades and Info

(Privateer File Downloads at Bottom of Page)

Ship Facts & Info


Free (start out with)

  • Speed:Doesn't have the energy reserves to really help much with afterburners; is fairly slow.
  • My Thoughts:As it being the ship you start out with, it really isn't too bad. This ship really should be kept on simple runs in the beginning, like in Troy from Achilles to the Agricultural Base. It is a tad slow, but can carry a decent amount of cargo.


    75,000 credits

  • Speed:A sluggish ship, yet well defended.
  • My Thoughts:A great ship for blockade busting and doing vital cargo runs, it is the best shield-wise defended ship in the game, but has a paltry slot availablity of 2 front guns and 1 weapon. The rear turret is pretty much necessary, at least to hold the all-important tractor beam. Also is very helpful in those missions where a bunch of Retros appear. A good intermidate ship, but one that will hinder you in winning the game.

  • Galaxy

    150,000 credits

  • Speed:An OK ship speed-wise, yet is weak and a big, fat target waiting to get destroyed...
  • My Thoughts:Really a ship that you should never take on. A huge cargo capacity, yet weak and huge. Also has a real paltry offensive effect. This is my 2nd favorite ship to blow up, by the way.

  • Centurion

    200,000 credits

  • Speed:The real dart of all the commercial ships available. Not as fast as the Stiletto, yet more durable and packing a stronger punch.
  • My Thoughts:This is the ship which you really need to have to win. Packs a great offensive punch with four front gun slots, 2 weapon slots, and a rear turret. This ship can run through almost any blockade, and avoids most danger with its speed.

  • Shipyard Downloads & Upgrades

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    Internal site links

    Install Privateer in WINDOWS XP!

    Has this site proved helpful to you? Then make a donation!

    MyJEMM - A Windows 95/98 emulator (I guess that describes this interesting program the best) which can run multiple Wing Commander games, including Privateer and RF. Thanks to Micah for informing me of this. an assorted download, with all the faces from the communications screen (the on-board one), music, and a refreshing Privateer commands sheet helper. A great Q & A document that will help you solve any problem you've had in conquering Privateer! That's all that needs to be said about these 3 files, remastered into MP3 format from the original game's MIDI format, giving us all a hint of what the game might sound like if remade today (i.e. Freelancer...). The site where it originated is decent, and may come out w/ newer stuff soon.

    New Gemini map- A cleaned-up map created by someone who's name I can't recall at the moment, but markedly improved vs old one.

    Gemini Sector Starmap- The must-have overlay of the Gemini Sector.

    Origin's Privateer Manual- A scanned version of the original Privateer manual, if in fact you lost yours at some point.

    Screen Capture - Works in DOS as a simple program where you press ALT + C and can capture any pics within the program. Supplied by a friendly comrade from Russia.

    Music Grabber - Also a simple DOS program where you can rip ALL audio from a DOS game! Thus, you can get any voice command in Privateer that you want (ie "Taste Righteous Fire!"). Also supplied by a friendly comrade from Russia.

    Voc2WAV-Converts the ripped VOC files acquired by music grabber into WAV files. COMPLETE compilation of all music in Privateer and Righteous Fire; in midi format. only collection of cheat programs necessary! Can edit the ship location, ship type, missions completed, gun layout, credits, and more in Privateer! A large of shots collection I have assimilated from the game. Includes many battle pictures and images on this site.

    Pkunzip.exe- A simple DOS-based early version of WinZip that will open the compressed .zip files on this site. Can work on any DOS/Windows machine.