Welcome to Pecan Insects 2017. This site contains information from the scientific literature on the insects and mites found in pecan orchards in southern Georgia and is meant to serve as a aid to growers. The types and abundance of insects in any individual orchard can be completely different from the information provided on this page. Please click on the topics on the right or scroll down for field and biological notes. Daily entries can be found in the blog linked to this site. Insect and mite populations are so-called "cold blooded animals" and dependent on the ambient temperature for their level of activity and the rate of speed of their growth, dispersal and reproduction. Typically temperatures above 50 F activate insects and mites. So here are the degree-day accumulations above 50 F for spring months in southern Georgia for 2013 and 2014 two fairly typical seasons for the area.

Degree day accumulations Tbase 50 degrees F from 2014

Degree day accumulations Tbase 50 degrees F from 2013

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