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Welcome to me website!! My site is half about Kirby and half super hero stuffed animals! I like Kirby. You might find a lot of stuff sounding like Kirby's Dream Land 3 because Kirby's Dream Land 3 is my most favorite Kirby game, for now... I mostly have stories here. There suppose to be funny and/or weird stories.

Update by Mr. Frosty 8-1-00
Three updates:
1. New clock! Get one for your site!
2. Rated sites in Kirby links.
3. Small button for polls.

Update by Mr. Frosty 7-28-00
My third update is I added a new poll.

Update by Mr. Frosty 7-28-00
Four days has pass. Here are two updates. I gotta go somewhere soon. So when I get back home I will have my other update. The first one is Psyduck3287 seven got a new website. All you have to do is click on his 3287 to go to his new one. His old one was hacked into. The second is I added a link to my old Splash index page.

Update by Mr. Frosty 7-24-00
Sorry about the lack of updates. But now I have made a OP/Kirby-House policy: Three to five updates every 3 or 4 days. Hopefully I can keep up with that. By the way, I've got three updates fresh out of the box just for you. : )
Update #1-I joined some new Kirby top sites! Find their buttons on the right side bar.
Update #2-Take a look around the layout! Now I got some small pics to tell you the kind of section. (I'm not good at describing this, huh?)
Update #3-One new funny joke from Psyduck3287! He's always helping me with stuff. Okay maybe not. We sometimes have a big fight. But he's good at making jokes.

Update by Mr. Frosty 7-12-00
Three updates!
First Update- I filled in the blanks of the madlibs section.
Second Update- I added a music background to the Kirby links section.
Third Update- A little more work done on Chapter 6 in the Kirby stories.

Update by Mr. Frosty 6-29-00 Second Update
I added the info for orange ocean.

Update by Mr. Frosty 6-29-00
Long time no update. But now I'm using this time to tell you this. This Saturday I'll leave home and be back op July 7th. That means I won't be able to update this page for awhile. And I also got this in my e-mail today! A link to Orange Ocean! This is a first ya know. :D I'm so happy that I can cry. But I'm not gonna do that now. I'll post the info on it toda or tomorrow.

Update by Mr. Frosty 6-24-00 by Mr. Frosty
I added a new animated banner to the Link to My Site section and on this page above the info on this site. It's my first animated gif that I made.

Update by Mr. Frosty 6-23-00 Second Update
I added a picture to the gallery and the Adventures of Super Eater #1.

Update by Mr. Frosty 6-23-00 by Mr. Frosty
A little more work on Chapter 6 on the Kirby stories. As you can see, the Kirby story chapters are longer than the Super Eater story chapters.

Update by Mr. Frosty 6-22-00 another late update
I completed MHChapter3.

Update by Mr. Frosty 6-21-00 a late update
I made two buttons to link to my site.

Update by Mr. Frosty 6-20-00
I made some banners for you to link to my site.

Update by Mr. Frosty 6-20-00 Missing Updates
Sorry, I forgot to put these new links up yesterday.

Dawn of Major Headache: Chapter Three

Your Friends and a Cup of Dark Matter: Chapter Six

They're both incomplete stories but I just had to have an update for yesterday! : )

Update by Mr. Frosty 6-18-00 the update of yesterday
In case you haven't noticed, yesterday I put a Ned Stats thing or something like that to my index page.

Update by Mr. Frosty 6-17-00
I added a mad libs section to Other-House!

Update by Mr. Frosty 6-17-00 Not an update
So you wonder why I didn't update yesterday? My AOL wasn't working. When I click on AOL a message popped up saying there was an error. So I'll try to have two updates today to make up for the lost one yesterday. I was planning on mad libs or what ever you call those things. Oh yeah, I got out of school yesterday! More updates!

Update by Mr. Frosty 6-15-00 Second Update
This isn't much of an update though. I put the copyright thing on the right sidebar on my layout. I wasn't sure on what to say so E-mail me and tell me what I'm supose to say, okay?

Update by Mr. Frosty 6-15-00
I got a new poll asking What's your favorite Kirby Character besides Kirby.

Update by Mr. Frosty 6-14-00 An 8:30 P.M. update! Pacific time.
I added Lame Jokes to the jokes section.

Update by Mr. Frosty 6-13-00 Second update
I made a Jokes section. It's on the Other-House.

Update by Mr. Frosty 6-13-00 First update(The thing I posted about the spelling bee isn't a real update!)
I change a the style of my layout a little bit. I also got rid of the OP/Kirby-House link so I won't get people to think I'm lazy. So now I have to get rid of 'Some Part of OP-House'.

Update by Mr. Frosty 6-13-00
Yeah, I guess it has been long. But I got into this spelling bee and my mom made me study a lot. I only got time to check my mail, or check the messages I usually check, or upload one picture to my directory. So I'll try to make up all the lost updates, and I'll try to update today.

Update by Mr. Frosty 6-7-00
I made a new web poll asking how many Kirby Games you have.

Update by Mr. Frosty 6-6-00
I added three more pictures to the gallery.

Update by Mr. Frosty 6-5-00
The Gallery is reopened! Yay! The gallery only has OP/Kirby-House pictures so far.

Update by Mr. Frosty 6-4-00
Now you can 'buy' books here! I only have three to offer but more coming soon! It's in the Other-House section.(I just added that to day!)

Update by Mr. Frosty 6-3-00, Second Update
Today is like a story day! I finished ChapterFive 5 in the Kirby House Section! Right now I'm watch tv.

Update by Mr. Frosty 6-3-00
I FINALLY finished MHChapter 2 in my OP House section! ^_^

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