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Wassup, and welcome to our page!!

Come check out our newest project:

Imajin Pic Gallery
This new addition is quite small because, we don't have a scanner. If you have any pictures we can use, please let us know!!

Coming soon you can expect the following feature
Audio Clips.

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If saw Imajin walking down the street what you do??


Imajin Fan Club
c/o Double Phatt Productions
251 West 30th Street
New York,NY 10001

GuEsS WhAt!!! GuEsS WhAt!!! I'vE GoTtEn WoRd, AnD ImAjiN's AlBuM Is To Be ReLeAsEd oN OcToBeR 26th So LoOk FoR It!!!

Want to join the Imajin Fan Club, but don't know how??
It's sooooo easy!! All you need to do is e-mail Jameelah13@aol.comor, let them know you want to join. That's all you gotta do!!

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