About me

name: Rickey White

age: 15

sex: yes please!

male: yes

sexual prefrence: female

D.o.b: 12/20/84

hometown: blanco, tx

hair c0lor: dark blonde

favorite color: lime green

eye color: some times blue, some times green

shoe size: 12

favorite bands: nine inch nails, orgy, marilyn manson

hight: 6'

web sites made: 7+

favorite game (pc): Quake2

favorite game (n64): duke nuken 64

favorite game (psx): ffvii, driver

likes: computers, squaresoft, microsoft, video games in general, sony, compaq, nine inch nails, coal chamber, my friends, what i beleve in, and just about anything else that could be classifed as kick ass

dislikes: hanson, 98 degrees, ricky martin, spice girls, country music, rap (no words just jibberish), keenan tenny & chris boyd (homo-erotica), school in general, the guy from america's most wanted, and just about anything else that could be considered lame

religon/beliefs: i think that after you die it's like a dream. whatever you beleive in (let's say god) you dream of going to heaven.


fuck their world, let's make our own...