Ryan Huser: "I'll BITE Your fuckin' EAR OFF!!!"
 So, ladies... wanna ride the big caboose? He has recently got a new kick ass computer on a payment plan; 500mhz Pent III, 128ram, 19gig, it’s a screamer. He knows little about computers so if you have some spare time and money to re-buy the things his fat ass breaks, (hey discount products) give him a e-mail. Is an expert with guns and is one of my best friends.

Bradon Adams: "Hey, guys, guess what movie we are watching next year?"
 Diz guy redefines the phrase "Little bitch". Actually he is really cool, and one of my best friends. Dad for sale, 1,000,000,000,000,000,000% off. No one like his dad, actually step dad, he has never met his real dad so if anyone wants to donate a gift card or something to one of those find anyone anywhere organizations e-mail me or him.

James Gatewood: "Ahh, the Shyshroud Elf... he is a wee little man is he?"
     Houston we have nerd! This guy isn’t as bad as he seems at first, but it might be hard to find at all. He likes to hide places and say he wants to be "by himself". He was under this desk in the middle of the hall at school with a lot of people looking and pointing under the table and saying things like what is that under there and stuff. Is good at Magic: The Gathering, has huge err... uh... decks... I really couldn’t rely on ths e-mail because he changes it so often.

Jeremy Spencer: " Start up da phonograph "
    This is the kinda guy that will be saying, "I want it on my desk yesterday!" He has always been a good friend even though we have rarely seen each other. He has been my inspiration for many things… he has gotten me into graphic designing and taught me alot about computers and many other things. Many people judge a person on appearance and what they have heard about the person, but he will always form his own opinion of you. He is a really funny guy and won't nark like everybody else. He lived in Blanco but when he got the chance to leave, he was already on the plane…

Jesse Stratton: " Shelly’s HOT!!!! "
    He has had a HUGE crush on this girl Shelly ever since she has come to our school in 4th grade. I have to admit she is a HOTTIE!!!!!! I was like, woow, man, stop the love train... Uh... I mean uh oh...

Laird Frantzen: " I fondle anything and everything I see, even myself "
 Yeah its true. He claims to not be a hick but way back when we were about 6 or 7, we made hick graffiti on the inside of a drainage pipe under a road. We wrote our names with mud all over, man those were the days eh’? Also goes by "Lar Fran".

Tres: " My computer? Oh it’s that coffee table over there. "
 He finally got a Playstation this year for X-mas and is lovin’ it. He wouldn’t care if you used his computer as a carpper it already is. He says when it starts up it goes through gears.... vvvvv VVVV VvVvVvVVVVVvvVvvv BOOM!! Hehahehah

Michal Roper: " I’m One Sexy Bitch Yes! "
 Black, Jew, Fat, Caucasian, Catholic, Yettie hunter and a excellent Magic: The Gathering player too! He has been my primary M: TH teacher, he picked my first deck out and now he wants one like it because it kicks much ass. He moved away from Blanco to San Antonio a few years back and now is living with James. Along time ago, on a field trip I cut my hand open and he gave one of his socks to stop the bleeding. I have built a 'Socks For Fro Foundation" in remembrance. WAIT!!!! He isn’t dead.....

Rickey White: " Yes, We Are Sexy Bitches! "
 Mommy do I have to do my own? Well, this sucks, just go to my profile.

Emily Bucklin: " uuuuuummmmm..... I dunno "
 Well, she is really cool because she has her lisence and is going to give me rides home instead of riding the bus so I thought I owed it to her to put her bitch ass on here. no, she is a really cool person with alot of cool friends that all go to Smithson Valley. She lives about 200 yards from the border between Comal (Smithson Valley School) and Blanco (where she is now) and if she had the choice between Blanco and Smithson Valley, well... wouldn't anyone choose it? Believe you me, she has looked into it....

Dylan McLaughlin: "Where in the fuck are you hidin' that porn!?"
 Lord almighty, don't say you have porn when you are around this guy, he'll do something really gay to see it.