oh my god! the central gayness of all the gay shit is contained within the school that i go to... he is called "the principal". he is gonna bring slippary-joe-pal back into princi-pal. i'm not kiddin', just ask bradon (on my friend's page). (bradon's -> step <- dad (it must be contained with a super elastically gayness containing feild: ----------------- | "Rusty Adams" | ----------------- is a child abuser... he had a child to molest for himself! the only reason "calletta adams" is the project. i heard you can find pics of him beating it off while watching Pee-Wee Herman at Http://www.thisisjustabigjokenooneshouldtakeanythingisayseriously.com/imeantoharmnoone'sreputationindoingthis/it'snotmyfault/leavemealone/heisabuseingme/rusty_adams_spankin_it_while_watching_pee_wee_herman.html wow, no spaces... intresting... this is one of the many "secreat"pages on /\/\y |_inx