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Walking in the
Five Lords Lands
and the Lakerveld polder
September 1, 2001

Launched September 8, 2001
Ronald Langereis - 2001 - Amsterdam

After the subtropical heat of August, and the ensuing thunder-storms in the last week of the month, we were glad to welcome on this first September day the ideal circumstances for a walk in the countryside. A warm sun chasing the clouds and a soft breeze to set the sails of the mills a-turning.
This part of Holland, the 'Vijf-heerenlanden', Dutch for Five Lords Lands, exists of low-lying polders, embraced by the mighty
The Bonkmolen on the Merwede Canal near Meerkerk arms of the Rhine, the Lek and the Waal. To keep their feet dry - for most of the time, anyway - the inhabitants had to find ways to get rid of the ever-rising water in their ditches and canals. From the 15th century onward they used windmills to power a scoop-wheel which hoists the water over a dam into a higher lying canal and event-ually into the river. A picture of this process may be watched in one of the pages of this series.
What to expect Overzicht
This web site offers 23 pictures in a chron-ological order, and in a 640 x 480 format, or tilted. The file size varies from 60k to 150k, i.e. 90k on average. The next page shows an area map, links to a site dedicated to the windmills pictured here, and inform-ation on the navigation of this site. The pict-ure pages bear accompanying texts which, taken together, form a complete narrative describing the route and the sights, offer information on the mills, as well as some thoughts and impressions. Have a nice trip. Deze web site bevat 23 foto's (640 x 480, of gekanteld) in chronologische volgorde. De omvang per pagina ligt tussen 60k en 150k, met een gemiddelde van 90k. Op de volgende pagina vind je een overzichtskaartje van het gebied, links met nadere informatie over de afgebeelde molens en navigatiegegevens. Bij elke foto staan teksten die met elkaar een min of meer doorlopend verhaal vormen, een beschrijving van de route, informatie over de molens en eigen gedachten en impressies tij-dens de tocht. Veel plezier onderweg.
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