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Cryptogram 09

Updated: Sunday, November 5th, 2000

Hello, Cryptophile!

Still possessing a vestigial knowledge of ancient myths?
Then, apply your cunning to our cryptic descriptions in the boxes below:
One letter given and each X representing one other letter.
Having reached the right conclusions you'll read an ancient name
in the column marked with red.

1. X X X X A If you have some Greek, it may seem this land
once must have swarmed with wolves
2. X X L X X X X By a spiralling way they went up the hill, while
of music and songs the echo was nil
3. X X X E X X Beside this sacred well even the goddess of
peace would choose to rest in peace herself
4. X X D X X X Once her face was lifted by Athene
this former beauty was not amused
5. X X X X X U X A famous horse, do I need more to say than
that by air, and not on land he made his way
6. X X X X X X O X X X X But for this mounted hero, you would hardly
find a connection between the inventor of the
telephone and the erotic industry
7. X X X E X X Stone-old they were, and grey of hair
One eye, one tooth for three to share
8. X X X X X E X A king of 1., of little renown, whinnying "io!",
whenever he fingered his collection of boa ties

How to solve this cryptogram puzzle? ..... First, read all the items together, ... then use the 'Index' to gather available information, finally, use your knowledge of Greek and of myth and all of your imagination ... the sound of words, anagrams, wordplay, puns ...

Did you find the solution? The full name in the marked column?
Great !!!

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