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Cryptogram 08

Updated: Sunday, November 5th, 2000

Hello, Cryptophile!

Still possessing a vestigial knowledge of ancient myths?
Then, apply your cunning to our cryptic descriptions in the boxes below:
One letter given and each X representing one other letter.
Having reached the right conclusions you'll read an ancient name
in the column marked with red.

1. X X X X X X U X Name me the deepest pit of Hell
Where the mighty Titans dwell
2. X X X X X X X N X X X X Adamant without ever a rush this king imparts
justice to the souls in the silent halls of Hades
3. X X X A X A princess impregnated by a shower of gold,
mothering the destroyer of the Gorgon
4. X X X X X S X X When jealous Hera changed her into a she-bear,
the poor nymph took it rather stoically
5. X X X X N X Anatolia she fled, her twins pressed to her breast
Delos, floating in the sea, offered a place to rest
6. X X X X X E X X X X A gifted god of limping gait,
cast down by Hera from Olympus' height
7. X X X X X X A Zeus took her lover's shape to beget by this
Shirley Maclane a Theban son of twelve labours
8. X X X T X X Hatched from a twin egg, his father a swan,
In storms to the rescue of sailors he ran

How to solve this cryptogram puzzle? ..... First, read all the items together, ... then use the 'Index' to gather available information, finally, use your knowledge of Greek and of myth and all of your imagination ... the sound of words, anagrams, wordplay, puns ...

Did you find the solution? The full name in the marked column?
Great !!!

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