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Cryptogram 07

Updated: Sunday, November 5th, 2000

Hello, Cryptophile!

Still possessing a vestigial knowledge of ancient myths?
Then, apply your cunning to our cryptic descriptions in the boxes below:
One letter given and each X representing one other letter.
Having reached the right conclusions you'll read an ancient name
in the column marked with red.

1. X X Y X X X X A nymph well proved against any clime or shine,
she bore the Sun a son of soaring ambition
2. H X X X X Biding the time till their hour has come,
they follow each other in the train of the Sun
3. X X T X X X X X X Who can't cope with heat
better shuns this land of burnt faces
4. X X X I X X X X To claim that Sun's daughters in Hades lie,
Would, actually, be a hell of a lie
5. P X X X X X X X A brilliant boy of note and hapless thereto, whose
swervings were stopped by a thunderbolt or two
6. X E X X X X X Winding its ways through Phrygian meads,
forgetful of where the next bight may lead
7. C X X X X X X X These mountains the Colchians did face, when
watching the cradle of the fair skinned race
8. X X X N X X X X X On this top of Twin Peaks the Muses sang,
whereas on the next cries of Bacchanals rang

How to solve this cryptogram puzzle? ..... First, read all the items together, ... then use the 'Index' to gather available information, finally, use your knowledge of Greek and of myth and all of your imagination ... the sound of words, anagrams, wordplay, puns ...

Did you find the solution? The full name in the marked column?
Great !!!

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