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Cryptogram 04

Updated: Sunday, November 5th, 2000

Hello, Cryptophile!

Still possessing a vestigial knowledge of ancient myths?
Then, apply your cunning to our cryptic descriptions in the boxes below:
One letter given and each X representing one other letter.
Having reached the right conclusions you'll read an ancient name
in the column marked with red.

1. X X X X X S X X The old man was carried from the conflagration by his hero
son and pondered: Did Rudolf Hess really marry an Inca ?
2. X X X X X S In Roman eyes a name well befitting their ancestral Bronze
Age hero
3. X X B X X A lifespan of a thousand years, but denied the gift of eternal
youth: Poor Mrs. Fawlty !
4. X X X R X X X X X In various ways they still see fit to adore her in her native
Mediterranean island
5. X X X X X D X X To whom belonged this temple that crowned Cape Sunion?
Not to the Lord of the Quakers, or did it ?
6. X X X X A X X X Having left the Sudan by a devious path, he sailed into the
straits of his name by radar to build proud Iliumís citadel.
7. X X X X S X A female manifestation of the Semitic deity, who fled from
Asia to Africa and founded a mighty city there
8. X X X X X X I X X Who would not feel appalled at seeing unveiled this shrouded
image of the goddess ?

How to solve this cryptogram puzzle? ..... First, read all the items together, ... then use the 'Index' to gather available information, finally, use your knowledge of Greek and of myth and all of your imagination ... the sound of words, anagrams, wordplay, puns ...

Did you find the solution? The full name in the marked column?
Great !!!

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