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Cryptogram 03

Updated: Sunday, November 5th, 2000

Hello, Cryptophile!

Still possessing a vestigial knowledge of ancient myths?
Then, apply your cunning to our cryptic descriptions in the boxes below:
One letter given and each X representing one other letter.
Having reached the right conclusions you'll read an ancient name
in the column marked with red.

1. X X X X X X X U X In these play-grounds young athletes listened to
ingenious dialogues about Malayan basic food
2. X X X X A X X X X Though taught by a celebrity, this Greek man
remained a complete ignoramus of Roman law
3. X X X X X I X X X A fair mare by name; to her wise husband a real bully
4. X X X X O He witnessed his master's last moments, and
afterwards got ideas of his own
5. X X X T X In an era long gone singers of love songs looked up
to her for inspiration
6. X X X X U X Howling like wolves, the pathetic peers used to
walk around within this holy precinct of Apollo
7. X X X X X X X H X X X X His best show he staged at a drinking-party: Explaining
Love as the pull between both halves of a split soul.
8. X X X X X O X X X By confusion the Egyptian sun-god entered the
lavatories of a Greek philosopher

How to solve this cryptogram puzzle? ..... First, read all the items together, ... then use the 'Index' to gather available information, finally, use your knowledge of Greek and of myth and all of your imagination ... the sound of words, anagrams, wordplay, puns ...

Did you find the solution? The full name in the marked column?
Great !!!

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