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Hey, welcome to my homepage! My name is Kim, I am 15 years old and I am a Sophmore at a really small town in Missouri. I'm really busy with basketball and trying to keep my grades decent in Geometry! But I'm not exactly a math person! But anyway, I am involved in many clubs and stuff at school. I play basketball, talk on the phone, watch tv, play my N64, read, sing, listen to music and I like to mess around my computer. I love doing things with my school's FFA(Future Farmers of America)! I'm not a farmer chick or anything, but the organization is a total blast! I feel sorry for those who don't know what FFA is! E-Mail me and ask me about it sometime! Just to let you know what kind of student I am I have straight A's. I am on internet pretty often whenever I don't have a game or tons of homework. I have Yahoo! Messenger(kimmie_sue55)& MSN Messenger (kimmie_sr03). Well I hope you will look around and see some stuff I have on this crazy and thing and come back to see the changes I make whenever I actually have time :-)

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