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An old Airborne School running cadence:

"C-130 rollin' down the strip,
64 troopers on a one-way trip.
Mission top secret, destination unknown,
We don't know if we're ever comin' home.
Stand up, hook up, shuffle to the door,
Jump on out and count to four.
If my main don't open wide,
I pack a reserve by my side.
If that one should fail me too
Look out ground, I'm a comin' through!
If I die on the old drop zone,
Box me up and ship me home.
As they lay me down to rest,
Tell my mom I did my best.
Give all my jump pay to my wife,
So she'll be happy for the rest of her life.
Tell my little baby not to cry,
'Cause her daddy was a paratrooper when he die.'